Buzzing when VCR connected to TV

I have a JVC S-VHS VCR hooked up to my Pre amp via audio cables and have the video connected to a Pioneer Elite Plasma. When the VCR is playing and the TV is on I get a pretty aggressive buzzing in the speakers. If i disconnect the video cable from the VCR to TV input , dead silence.
But if I use the coax TV out on VCR to B-Antenna In on TV the buzz is present but not as bad. Any ideas? Filters? Can't seem to get it gone.
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Actually, that sounds normal. There is LOTS of RFI coming from your TV. Unless your VCR can reject it, you're doomed. Try separating the VCR from the TV using a very long, and shielded cable.
Stringreen, I don't understand how seperating the TV via longer cable would help? The only connection from the VCR to TV is video. How does that introduce an audible buzz?
Do you think if I were to run the VCR Video out to my pre-pro then back to the TV via Component would solev anything?
If you only get the buzz when the coax is connected into any component in the chain, try disconnecting the coax completely from the system. If the buzz goes away, you pretty much know it is a ground loop problem caused by the incoming coax. At that point you can buy a filter for the coax cable and be done with it.

There are multiple sources for the coax filter. At the top end of the price range is the Mondial Magic Brick at about $100. I think you can get basically the same thing from Jensen or from Radio Shack for a lot less money.


Hey Theo, been a tech for 30+ years, TIC got it right, 99.99% chance that its a ground loop caused by incoming cable, just remove coax from VCR and see if noise goes away, if it does, numerous places to get reasonable priced "in line ground isolation transformer" I never tell anyone to go to R---o S---k, but they should have 'em cheap. Stevieg123
The problem is that the buzz is worse when video is connected between VCR and TV via S-Video or Composite.
It lessens somewhat when using coax. I am using this only to play some old concert VHS tapes and since it has an analog tuner I don not have it connected to any antenna at all.
But will try a filter and see if that fixes it.
Question is do you have a CATV cable connected to the TV?
If so disconnect the CATV cable from the TV or CATV cable box and see if the buzz/hum stops. If it does the problem is a ground loop caused by the CATV cable system grounding.

Is the sound your hear truly a buzz or is it a 60Hz hum?

If a ground loop hum problem.
When you connect the VRC to the TV you complete a current path from the CATV coax cable through the VCR to your audio system then on out your safety equipment ground to the electrical panel then on to earth. (A difference of potential, voltage, exists between the CATV coax cable ground and the safety equipment ground of your homes electrical system.)

If disconnecting the CATV coax cable from the TV does not stop the buzz then the problem could be high EMI/RFI emitting from the Plasma TV and entering through the video cable.
I have tried a cable coax filter, disconnecting the DirecTV, lines coming in, and no change. It is abuzz that actually I can hear a chopping noise that occurs as I rampp up volume on the pre/pro. Also if I turn off the VCR it goes away, but that choppingnoise is still there when I ramp up or down the volume. It goes away when I disconnect the TV input whether it be coax, s-vid or composite. But I am starting think that it is the VCR producing a noise. I have an old ProScan that I will hook up and see if any change occurs.