Buzzing from speakers on TT rig

Looking for a little help or suggestions:

I have a Marantz TT15S1 hooked up to one of several amps. There was 0 noise in the beginning. I was using the Phono Input on the MF integrated. I added a Rogue Triton phono stage and all was good for a few days. Then the buzzing started. It was to the point where if you touch any point of the tone arm it makes weird static noises and touching the ground wire into the Rogue makes loud pops! I re-arranged the wiring and it seemed to help. Now I moved everything around on the racks and it's louder than ever. I took the Rogue out of the circuit and ran through the phono on the MF A1008 and there is still a slight buzz but not a violent snapping like with the Rogue. Ohh and I floated the ground on the Rogue and it made no difference. 

Even through using only the MF phono input I can make the buzzing vary a little by wiggling the ground cable around. Very frustrated. Is there a better way to ground that may help, could it be in the cartridge or TT wiring? My digital system is 100% noise free so I think my power is ok. Rogue is being shipped back for a replacement but I hope I don't have the same thing when I receive it. Should a vinyl rig be basically noise free or should expect some static? Sorry for the long winded rambling post! I am very new to the vinyl world. 


Thanks in advance for any ideas!



This certainly sounds like a ground loop issue, did atmasphere's suggestion work?

I moved to a new place a few months ago - and purchased a new TT to celebrate. I had an incredible amount of issues with what I had anticipated would be a trouble free TT, and assumed I should just have gone ahead and gotten the finicky belt drive rig.

My issues were very much like yours, it all started with a cartridge issue which I somehow made worse. For some reason, it decided it no longer liked the way it was grounded. And the interconnects that were fine yesterday are also an issue. I had one advantage in being able to quickly swap out cartridges which aided in my troubleshooting. I swear half the time it seems like voodoo.

I'll run through a few things to try - also don't discount the cartridge giving you problems. Is this both channels? Can you get it to change? A lot of times, you're going to get a slight hum/buzz at volume with an analog rig, but it shouldn't be noticeable at low volume.

Separate ground cable, interconnects and power as much as possible

Change out interconnects (they are shielded, correct?) and reverse

Change ground wire location if possible

Check cart wiring, reverse cart wiring (just to see if anything changes)

Relocate TT if possible - even 2' can make a difference

Unplug all of your digital gear and anything not needed

A lot of troubleshooting doesn't necessarily fix, but gives you clues that something else might be the issue. Also, does anything change? Meaning, is it quieter sometimes, noisier others? Do you have any sort of line conditioning?

In the end, my problem was 1) 2 new cartridges that failed in almost identical fashion, 2) needing a very well shielded interconnect cable (this was sporadic) and 3) relocating my ground location to phono stage power supply from preamp. Hopefully you've already solved it and it was your ground wire.



I don’t know if it worked yet or not. Didn’t get a chance to try cause of holiday BS. Will try some time this weekend. I did feel the ground cable coming out of the TT and feel it may be split inside the cord! Maybe that’s wishful thinking but shall see. 

Hello everyone. Still got the problem in a new location with a new Phono Pre and dedicated outlets. Is it possible to upload a video of what’s going on? Thinking maybe seeing and hearing what I got going may give some peeps a different idea and would be greatly appreciated.