Buzz with all power off

Peculiar thing going on....Audible buzz occuring(in High efficiency speakers) when all power in system is down. The buzz however is intermitant and comes and goes randomly...very annoying. All tube system(Pre,Power Amp,Phono Amp,Thorens td-124 TT) Any helpful hints?
Check if there's wasp or bee or fly inside the speaker cabinette.
Could be faulty dimmer switch or refrigerator or washing machine or A/C unit? You will need to unplug, (not just turn off) all of your gear to see if any of it is causing it. Then try unplugging other items around your house.

What's on the same circuit as your equipment? Flip off that breaker and see if it is still buzzing. Could even be an outside source...ham radio, cd radio, cell tower, etc.

Have fun troubleshooting.
Poltergeist. Seriously, I have noticed some high frequency noise from having radio devices (cell phone, modems, wi-fi) in proximity to speakers. Especially if the speaker wires are long. If the speaker wires are disconnected from the electronics and tracing it upstream and downstream may help.
Do your high efficiency speaker have powered woofers?
If within the time the buzz will increase, consider your speakers turned onto beehive bzzzzzzzzz LOL!
Digital Cell phones (Blackberry in particular) can induce current on wires. Happens in conference calls all the time. Are you in an apartment next to a neighbor with a blackberry?