Buzz in my Martin Logan Sequel II's

I've developed a sharp buzz that sounds like it comes from the top part of the electrostatic panel of the left speaker, but only at high volumes with certain CD's. It's never happened with LP's, and otherwise at lower volumes the speakers sound fine. I'm the second owner, speakers dated 1986. I've had them for 14 years. Is this the dreaded "time for new panels" or can something be fixed keeping the current ones? Is there anything else it could be? I'm assuming amp clipping would be heard in both speakers, right?

Thorens 166 II, MC Gold, NAD 3130(phono), Moon Equinox SE, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, Classe 70, Martin Logan Sequel II
Visit the below link and get info on the "hair dryer" retensioning tweek. That just may solve your problem.
Thanks everyone! I'll vacuum the panels, hadn't thought of that. Our indoor relative humidity is 55%.

What a great tweak, straight from ML. I love it! Fix a precision work of magnificent engineering with a hairdryer....who'd uh thunk it? :)
Damn! 23 year old panels! I've nearly completed rebuilding my SQL II (started last night and taking a break now). Replacing both woofer, power supplies and panels.

If vacumming doesn't work, you can "take a shower" with your sexy panels! lol (it's true!)

Are you a member at the martinloganowners dott com club? Lot's of good tips and tweaks there! I've already posted some of my rebuilding photos. More after i finish the project.