buzz/hum from tv

I have a 31" Panasonic tubed tv in a HT set up. I am using the Paradigm Studio 100's/450cc/dipolars for speakers. Ensemble wires rca's/power. Integra Research RDA7 amp and Marantz av9000 preamp. I have a minor noise, when the tv is off, with system on, but the noise is about 3x as loud when the tv is on.
I have also noticed that the closer the speakers are to the tv (front/center), even with the sound system off, (tv on) the speakers pick up a buzz. There is also a buzz from the tv's own speakers (which I do not use).
I believe it's the tube of the tv. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Isolate the problem. Do you have cable? Thats always a big problem. Dissconnect the cable. What kind of lights? Any dimmer swithes? Do you have a power strip hooked up on an outlet with everything plugged into it?

Try plugging your tv into an outlet further away from your stereo.
I disconnected the cable (no difference). Switched tv power to a different outlet(power line) still no difference. I have a dedicated power line to my system (20amp) and I am running a (Quantum octave 8) power strip from there with my amp, preamp and tv. Then another strip (ensemble) is powering my cd player, dvd player, cable box and vcr. The ensemble strip is powered by the octave also.
I do have a dimmer switch on a light in the next room, I could disconnect that or maybe just turn off that switch from the fuse panel to see if the noise is still there. Please let me know. I thank you people for your responses.
Start with just the amp. and speakers. Then connect one component at a time. Keep us posted!

I suspect all will be okay and then when you hook-up the TV, the humm will return. Few of us have all that much good luck combining TV with stereo.

Also, look to your television source, be it cable or Satellite. There is power coming into the system from those feeds and they are often incompatible with high-end stereo.
I have tried all mentioned. No Luck. I talked to a tv repair person and they said, due to the age of the tv and the noise directly from the tv, that they would check it out and possibly replace some part. I forgot the actual piece they said. I will keep everyone updated when this happens.
I was told recently to try a Jensen ISO-MAX to eliminate the hum problem from my TV antenna. I haven't tried it yet though, as I have the antenna wire plugged into a Monster HTS 5000. I was trying to replace the Monster piece with an Exact Power EP 15, when the hum started. I am using both pieces until I can remedy the situation.
I have a similar problem.
I isolated it very clearly to the cable source. I disconnect it from the TV, the hum goes away; connect it and the speakers hum.

Comcast came in and confirmed their cable is carying "a high signal". Its something they had to fix at the pole. After 6-8 weems and numerous visits and even more calls they haven't done what I've asked them to do: provide a cable "isolater" or "attenuator" device that will eliminate the problem. My local high end audio shop has a "Magic Box" that will solve the problem but I want to see Comcast solve it. If they can't then I'll switch to DirecTV or Dish and get the Magic Box

Try grounding the outside of the cable connector to one of the screws on your electrical box or center screw on an outlet. I had the same problem and that fixed it.

Paddlersean,Is your TV connected to a cable box?If it is I'd say you have a ground loop problem.Try disconnecting
the cable box.If the noise goes away,thats the problem.
Do a Google search and find a Xantech ground breaker.They
sell for about $10 bucks,and it worked for me.
I concur. I think you have a ground loop differential hum from your cable source connected to your tv/system! Try disconnecting your cable/satalite connection and see if it goes away. It's likely that
It is not the cable. I tried disconnecting it. The only time I have a hum is when the tv is on. The tv itself is making noise and the stereo just picks the noise up. It sounds like a real noisy tv tube. I plan on getting the tv checked out after the holidays. The tv is around 12 years old.
How close is stereo to the TV? Is it sitting right on top of the amp or pre amp? Does it need some room?

I sevice card access systems and was called out for a dead reader. Everything checked fine,except for the 17inch monitor on the other side of the wall backed up against the reader. I moved the monitor over about five inches and the reader started working. Big emf from them tubes.

EMF could be the problem. I have the tv as far away from the speakers, preamp and amplifier, but I'm limited on distance. I do plan on a new cabinet soon, but my first step will be having the tv checked out. This amp I have is 24"s deep most entertainment centers are 19-20"s so I might special order one.
Maybe I can move my tv back some and see if that helps.
Tim (Flemke), thank you for your note. It didn't help though (see below).

Paddlersean, like you, my TV is about a dozen years old too. My hum, however, is directly connected to the cable feed.

Comcast confirmed their cable is carrying a "very high signal", 20 . Normal is about 5-8, they say. The guy that came in yesterday brought along an attenuator. Using it lowered the hum some but didn't eliminate it. It however resulted in very degraded picture quality.

After eight weeks of this dance I finally gave up.
I cut my Comcast service.
Result? No hum. I don't have to worry about my speakers frying slowly in my presence and absence.
Side-effect? No cable service as well. I get to read, think, and do good more now! Oh, the $49/month savings is good too!

Comcast couldn't solve the problem. When I get around to it I am taking my money and account to DirectTV or Dish.

I live near O'hara airport and some of the attenuators and or groundfault isolators actually cause interference with the jets. I could care less about cable. My HT sytem only uses my EAD dvd player.

I have the SAME problem as you that I still struggle with it. I have a 6 or 7 year old 27" JVC tube TV. I have an entertainment center with a stack of components next to the opening for the TV - so the TV and all the cabling is in close proximity. I have bad hum in my system with the TV on (and none with it off). I tried the ground loop breaker and it didn't work. Then I realized it was coming from the TV itself. If I listen to the TV's internal speakers, they buzz some as well, even with the volume set to zero. I can move interconnects around between my receiver and external amps and make some channels quiet, but never could get rid of it on all channels.

I am convinced it is an EMI emissions problem. My final test was to take the TV out of the entertainment center and onto the floor in front - no buzz even with the TV on. I am guessing it is the power supply transformer that is emitting noise that gets picked up by the cables which act as antennas. I have considered using to use some ferrous (steel not aluminum) sheetmetal as an EMI shield to try to isolate the TV from the rest of the system. But I never did try it and currently just live with the problem.

With the entertainement center like we have, there is no real way to physically separate the TV from the cabling, which is the solution. I am just holding out until I move everything to a basement home theater set-up where I will be able to separate them by using separate racks.
This does sound like the same problem. I do plan on trying to pull the tv out, as you said, and just see if the tv itself is still buzzing. If it is I might get the tv checked out. I'm waiting til after the holidays to experiment more. I'll update the post in a couple weeks.
That noise can realy drive you crazy on certain movies.
Another step would be a different rack, right now they are in a tight unit.

I was looking at this thread and I have the exact same issue. Were you able to solve this?

I have a Panasonic 36 inch and had almost verbatim the same problem you described. I ended up using a Monster HTS 1000. I plugged the cable line into the Monster and the noise disappeared. Everything I tried prior to this point failed to get the noise out of the TV. I tried magnetic filters on power cords as well as disconnecting things, changing circuits etc.