Buying used, US to Canada, tax and duty?

I bought a used preamp off a private seller in the US. It will arrive in Canada shortly. My mailman said customs will determine the tax and duty. I was not expecting duty, is this true?
Depends on where it was made; under NAFTA items made in the Americas are duty free (but you will still have to pay GST). If it was made elsewhere (Japan, Europe, China, etc...) there will be duties to pay as well dependng on the specific country of manufacture. Hop on the gov't website and do a bit of reading. Best, Jeff
When purchasing items from the US, you will be assessed, GST, PST, customs/brokerage handling fees, and duty if the unit falls outside the NAFTA guidelines.

Customs/brokerage fees will vary depending on the carrier of choice. I would avoid UPS, as their handling fees are outrageous.

The good news is that the Canadian dollar is at a 20 year high.
interesting, it's a bryston preamp, returning from New York to me in duty would be great..

You will 7% gst and duty free tax as I know is 6% plus $5.00 Can handling fee on the products. I hope it could help.
thanks, but does this mean I should have arranged the sending on sellers behalf, arranging broker, even choosing his courier brand i.e. Fed Ex? He just sent it, I foolishly assumed he new what he was doing as he buys and sells dozens of pieces....what were my responsibilities on the receiving end..
Should have shipped it as a repair.
Thats real smart...recommending tax fraud. Hope the IRS is not reading this thread, looks like BigKidz will be first for up a full audit!
BigKidz, Hope you are just joking around.... defrauding US and/or Canadian Customs is a serious matter. Not only will the merchandise be confiscated and additional duty be imposed, but the perpetrator of the fraud could face criminal charges as well.
I bought a NAD amp last year from someone in the US. Customs calculated GST on the Canadian dollar equivalent of the US selling price. There was no additional duty. This seemed interesting to me as I was under the impression that NAD was (is?) a British outfit. At any rate, being new to the whole "buying audio gear second hand via internet" game, I was totally unprepared for the whopping "brokerage fees" that UPS charged. From then on, I always requested USPS as the mode of delivery; if the seller balks at this, I walk (virtually speaking, of course).

Can someone please "clarify" outrageous UPS bokerage fees in dollars?
I've heard fees ranging from 18.00 for a grandmothers care package to 250.00 for audio stuff or automotive aftermarket motor parts/body kits. So I think it really does depend on the product/function and origin of manufacture..p.s. in one week I have never read so many negative experiences with preamp is arriving USPS..
Chryslers_rule, my pre amp arrived intact, no brokerage fee, no 'duty' but I did get railed with BOTH gst and pst?? 103.00 plus the usual 5.00 handling bit..
I suppose they would charge duty + GST but on what amount?
The duty guys can't tell the value of the parcell unless there's a sales slip on it can he?

If the sellers says he sold it for 5.00$ plus shipoping, how could you get charged on a higher amount?

USPS as in Us postal services? I'm asking 'cause i'm about to buy a preamp across the border. Is that the way to go to avoid beeing ripped off?

I've learned a lot from other members on other threads concerning shipping. I would stay away from UPS. Damaged goods, overbilling etc. Having said that, some members here have had nothing but success with UPS so...I would say the majority suggest you stay clear of them. My seller used USPS and everything was fine.
As to being ripped off, I think the real trust is between buyer and seller, less on customs, broker etc. I would think that would be influenced by what you are having shipped, brokerage fees might fluctuate between a 13lb pre amp and a 150lb amp or a set of cables vs a pair of Mirage M3si...but it's all moot if the seller receives and banks your money order and you never see product.
I find the Audiogon folks to be well written, educated, professional types who take this hobby and community seriously. I would feel out the seller, look at his feedback, ask a few questions, the usual precautions.
Otherwise you will see, these are solid people.
As stated on my way bill, PST + GST, no duty...and I believe on the retail replacement amount. The seller wrote two amonuts on the slip, the value of the piece (500.00 the insured amount), and the value of it new (1200.00). I can't see the 103.00 I paid in tax being on the 500..but what kills me was customs charged both taxes on a used piece of gear, that's not common practice. I think it's only PST one pays on used anything...where I am anyway.