Buying used or sight unseen speakers a bad idea?

Hi folks, reading & absorbing as much as I can in the Learn forum, question from a novice in this field, is it safe to purchase used or sight unseen a pair of hi-end speakers? Are speakers considered "too old?" Does it effect the sound too much? Thanks
Buying used "anything" is a risk...Audiogon is a very good place however to buy used equipment..Many Audiogon users are well known...Bottom line do your homework and buy from someone you either Know or who has good selling/buying feeback on Audiogon..This will not assure you of a perfect deal but will minimize soem of the risk.....
I bought a new pair of Magnepan 1.7's without ever hearing them. I just went by the reviews of folks I respect.

No regrets.
It's like buying anything used and sight unseen. You takes your chances. But if your gut causes you concern, go with it. There will be other deals. As far as age, that is all dependant on the manufacturer and how they have been cared for. Old speakers can be "mint as new" or a good bookend. Drivers and crossovers can be worn or have issues. Cabinets can be in poor condition. It really comes down to how good a description you have of the speaker and if you can gain a trust that the individual is forthcoming. I find here on AGon that the feedback is a good indicator on the latter.