Buying Used-Ever wonder???

Just wondering if any of you have bought some gear used, hooked it up and wonder if you are getting the same sound as if the piece was brand new. Call it "second hand paranoia"?

I've bought cars, amps, and been at times underwhelmed, and wonder if things are 100%.....

My latest paranoia, I just got a REL Storm III, ...I had super high hopes, after reading stories of very happy owners, reviews....However at this point, I am still trying to figure out what all the hype is about.
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Haven't you bought something brand new, and wondered what all the "hype is about"?
The REL hype is about seamless integration of sub and main speakers/monitors, that it disapears.... not hypes up the bass in the system and calls out... here I am... this is where tha bass is coming from!
In regards to second hand paranoia, on the contrary, I really reap the benefits of having bougth cables and speakers with long-burn in time that someone (i.e. the previous owner) took care of for me... just plug and play. Some Audio gear is like good wine, it gets better with age.. until a certain point of course.

Post-purchase dissonance, very common affliction. You hear of people buying a car and a week later going back to the dealer and asking the salesman to "sell it to me again".

That being said it's not uncommon to acquire something only to find you're disappointed, what you thought would be a major step up turns out to be barely adequate. Could be the hype was unjustified, more likely it's simply not a good fit in your system/room. That's what the classifieds are for, sell it and move on.

I suppose I have; however this wasn't my experience with my Storm III. You may want to spend some time to ensure it's properly integrated.
I'm wit' arni here.--2 good reasons #1 I'm cheeeep and #2 I'm lazy and need somebody to burn in 4 me (as arni points out).