Buying tubes

Hope this question is ok here. We have a local auction house here that sells of repossed stuff and whathaveyou.

Checked their website today and found that they have four boxes of vacuum tubes in one of their auctions and just recently a box of tubes sold for 25 bucks.

I'm not sure what tubes these are but was wondering if it might be worth checking them out. On their website is a pic and all the description says is "(4) Boxes of Vacuum Tubes (I580).

Guess for a few bucks they might be worth it, haha.
Do you use tubes? There are so many kinds of them that you would be lucky to hit on one you need...and even then what is left of it's life?

Yes, I have dabbled around garage sales and bought to 'broken' vintage electronic gadget for the tubes (tube) inside and I have had some fun with them. That's all each is probably worth.

Without a tube tester and some back ground knowledge you might not be getting much more than your $25.00 investment back.