Buying Synergistic Research ICs so difficult

I've put in a request with the cable co for a recommendation so I can audition different SRs in my system. I've done the same with their used cable dept because I want to trade my VDs in towards them. I've filled out the tesla challenge form and I've emailed Ted Denney even.

Other than a few questions about my old VD cables from I've gotten no response from anyone.

I'd just buy the dang things but I don't know which ones will work best with my system within my budget. I don't even know what my budget is given that I haven't received a quote yet.

I know I don't want to go any lower than the AU79 and I probably can't go any higher than accelerators. Do I do full AU79 though? mix with magnetic tricon? do full mag tricon? full accelerator? accelerator mixed with something else? Link to my system should be there next to my username.

I have no idea how any of those compare to my VDs... they are original master series.

Call Robert Stein (owner) at the Cable Company (Used Dial 1800FATWYRE and ask for him by name, then mention Dave Borda suggested you talk directly with him. He is an unbelievably great person to do business with and is extremely helpful. Sometimes their E-mail system can be slow and may be blocked by certain web filters and responses can get dumped into spam.
I agree - you have to call them to get anything accomplished. I went from an all VD system (Genesis) to an all SR system and it was one of my better audio moves.

If you continue to get ignored by Cable Company, you can always call Elliott at SR and tell him your problem and see if he'll refer you to another SR dealer. He is also the best person to talk to about the particular cable mix for your system and budget. Unlike VD cables, the SRs are not a "1 size fits all" - different cables are designed for different applications. It is important to be aware of this going in.
I also filed to take the challenge about a month ago and haven't heard a peep from anyone. I am pretty much satisfied with my current cables which are Ridgestreet Poiema III's and Alethias.Robert's cables can't be beat they are among the best out there for my setup.They aren't listed "for sale" in the classifieds as much like some other well advertised cables that's saying alot.Seems like most who purchase Robert's cables hang on to them for awhile. I'll I just leave well enough alone. Cheers

I agree, you must call them. They get very backup with e-mails and seem to answer phone calls as priority. Much easier to just call them and you will get same day service and answers to your questions.
Thanks guys!

I called today and Paul from thecableco had already talked with Elliot earlier about my system. Elliot recommended Acoustic Reference at the source and Accelerator to the amp, or a dual run of Accelerator if the Acoustic was out of my price range. He said I could try the mag tricons and they would probably work ok, but my system deserved no less than the accels.

I didn't have time to call the cable co. back so I did send them another email about my VDs, but looks like I'll call them tomorrow and set up auditions from the cable library.

thanks all!
Adhaney, Good luck in being able to set up an audition with the Cable Company.

Orly?? Hard to do?
The Cable Company is first rate. Calling them is always the best, quickest way to communicate. E-mail is 'iffy:O) I always call directly if possible, no matter what the company or issue...old school rules!
Everyone contacted, ball is rolling.

Hi Adhaney -

I recently auditioned the SR Accelerators and the Vortex which was just discontinued.
Fplanner2000 is correct - each level is designed for different applications.
When I inserted the Vortex in my system (Spendor speakers) the presentation sunk back way behind the speaker, a little darker sounding but no loss of detail. It did not mesh as well as my audience AU24.
However...when I put the Accelerator in the presentation was went so far forward in front of the speakers it was as if a new upgraded component was inserted in my system.
I have had wonderful response from the cable company. Whenever I E mail them, I always direct my email to John Pharo. He always e mails me back, usually the same day or worst case, the next day. I've been dealing with them for years and have never had a communication problem. Just my 2 cents
We figured out the problem. Their system was sending the emails to an old email address so I was never getting them. Now that we got that figured out I usually get a reply the same day.

Cables will be here tomorrow!
I never had any luck with the Cable Company.

Some of the problems I had with them.

1.When I call, the only available Sales Rep is on another call, the operator would tell me someone would call me back. No one ever calls back.

2. Emails go unanswered.

3. In the rare occasion I was able to speak to a sales Rep, they never had what I wanted to audition in stock.

Now, maybe its because I have bought very little from them and they do not view me as a potential customer.
Actually, I feel I never buy anything from them because of the problems I have listed above.

If you get to audition the cables you want from them, big congrats! If not, let me know , I can recommend a better Dealer. Check out my system, you will see its all Synergistic Cables. None bought from the Cable Company.

Good Luck!
Well.... I got half the cables today. 1pr each of AU79s, Accelerator and Acoustic reference. I was going to start with the AU79s and then move up the range but since I won't have the other pair of AUs and accels till tomorrow I couldn't help myself and jumped right in with the combo that Elliot at SR had suggested. Acoustic reference between the cd and pre and accelerator between the pre and amp.

First I listened to a few well known songs with the VDs, nice as always. Then I swapped the SRs in but did not hook up the active shielding. Bit less forward, a bit more clarity and ease, but not a huge difference. So I hooked up the MPCs and listened again. At first I didn't notice a difference.... but then details started to pop out at me... instruments that weren't there before, individual guitar strings, then more bass, beautiful midrange, beautiful natural vocals.

I had to turn things off because it was getting late and the room had heated up to almost 80 but first thing in the AM I'm going to do an extended listening session. I don't even know if I want to bother with the AU79s although I might give the double accelerator run a listen. I'll swap the VDs back in after a few days and see if things change.
Hi Adhaney, if you get a chance try some of Synergistic speaker cables as well, the effects are cumulative.
Since the Powercell came out last , that was my last purchase.
If I was starting out now, I would purchase the SE 10 Powercell first.
That one item will make the biggest change for your entire system.
Adhaney, sorry I just noticed this thread. I would have recommended that you carefully read the Synergistic Research web page on interconnects. I have found the information there and what I have heard talking with the Synergistic Research people corresponds and closely fits with my personal experiences. I would imagine that the Cable Company replicates this also.

I would also hasten to say that you should not expect to hear the real benefits of these cables for about three days of settling in, even if they were already broken in by other's use.

I love the Accelerator ics and the much more expensive Apex, but not the Precision Reference, but would again strongly suggest that this is in my system.

Ozzy, I would certainly agree with what you say about the Powercell, but I think Adhaney is taking care of first things first.
One thing you should notice in your comparison is that there will be a number of subtle audio cues that the VD cables don't reveal due to their "sizzle" that you will be able to hear with the SR cables. It sounds like this is already starting to happen.

It is also important to always use the MPCs - without them, you are not getting the benefit of the active shielding, which is critical and what separates the SR cables from most others out there.

Another important point is to leave the SRs in your system for at least a week, without messing with them. They need to "settle in" before you make any comparisons. I realize the cable company doesn't give you forever to audition, but you should already have a pretty good idea of what your VD cables sound like by now anyhow. The SRs will either be better to your ears or worse - they will definitely not be "the same" as they are using totally different technologies.

Good luck!! Also, don't be confused about what you should address first - everyone's system is different and you need to find out for yourself what gives you the biggest bang for your buck. I would agree that the cable change is probably the best place to start for you. I'm glad you've been communicating with Elliot - he will be one of your best advisors for what to do next, if anything...
I had good luck with the cable co. when I ordered Synergistic Tricon Analog phono IC and after two weeks it still wasnt delivered. A customer service rep from cable co. called Synergistic and got back to me within 5 minutes, explaining that Synergistic's Tesla coil that they burn their cables with had been down and that they had just gotten it fixed. She called me back two days later to say it had just been shipped direct to me and I got it the day after that. By the way, the Tricon Analog, which I put on my TW Acustic Raven One, is absolutely fantastic, sounded good out of the box, terrific after about 3 days.--Mrmitch