Buying selling Lp's?

I've heard of vinyl swap meet in other cities however I havent heard of anything of sort in the Chicago land area? Any ideas or suggestions? I am new to Vinyl and I dont currently own a single Lp, hopefully my journer will be fun :)

Ps. Maybe I havent heard anything because I never owned an Lp nor was I interested but now I am. I have an extensive cd collection but thanks to a bud that introduce me to Vinyl I fell in LOVE with the sound immediately and I said "man I have to get me one of those" an adventure awaits me....
Be prepared to be enlightened and disappointed.
I'm not sure what Rwwear is referring to with "enlightened and disappointed", but I personally greatly prefer analog to digital. LP's require more care, and patience than digital and are not as quiet (generally). There is a lot to know about turntable setup, cartridge/phono stage interface, etc...... In the end, to me, it's well worth it.

It's kind of like coffee.... Do you want to buy good beans, grind them yourself and brew a fine cup in the morning, or are you happy stopping off at 7-11 on the way to work?

What I mean is he will find many quality pieces that will sound amazing. But he will also be disappointed with many discs because of poor quality vinyl and sound.
Generally speaking there is a higher percentage of bad sounding compact discs than vinyl records IMO.
Then you know what I mean about the good side Audiofeil.
There is (was?) an annual charity event (can't remember the cause) which is held at the
Old Orchard shopping complex.
They specialize in electronics and media (records).

Drop a note to member ESSENTIALAUDIO and ask Brian.
You could also call Old Orchard public relations office.
Chicago: 1) Dave's Records on Clark St. 2) Reckless Records on Milwaukee Ave. 3) Second Hand Tunes on Clark St. 4) Jazz Record Mart on Wabash Ave.
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No need to find any of those swap meet places..
Just scout your local antique mall, Thrifty store,or Salvation army and you'll be surprised what you find.