Buying ProAc’s Online or thru non-local dealer

Looking for a good source for buying experience and price for some ProAc Tablette 10’s.  The closest dealer is 2 hours driver.  Any recommendations?
Haven’t bought any ProAcs but Audio Concepts in Dallas carries the line and I had a great experience with their staff. They had several demo models on their floor. Might be worth a call.
I would suggest calling the Proac dealer you mentioned for product information and pricing. I would also recommend taking the two hour drive to this dealer. Always better if you can hear in person. Make a weekend out of the trip if needed. 

A 2 hour trip is nothing.   I drove from RI to Annapolis,MD to listen to a pair of speakers I ended up purchasing.  I drove 8 hours each way In one day. It was back on December 30, 2011.  I was tired from driving over 800 miles, but it was worth it. 
I also am looking to hear Pro-Ac, I’m in Houston. I found someone that will let me hear the mini- Towers though.