Buying on Audiogon

It seems to me , or at least to my "puter, that if you have VPN , which I see as a must, you can't use this freakyway of buying now on Audiogon .
Yes, No , Maybe?
Yup, I have to disable my VPN to make purchases here.  Perhaps Audiogon needs some software updates?
Wow, you need to disable your VPN to make an Audiogon purchase.  That’s really inconvenient, how often does that happen...twice, three times a year?
What are you talking about??
@ebm ,
I believe they are using VPN's- Virtual Private Networks in order to shield their IP addresses.
Something I should do also, perhaps they can provide a good VPN company, but I digress...

I know that Audiogon has a protocol that uses IP addresses in order to screen potential misuse. For the longest time, when I used my laptop instead of my desktop, I had my account blocked, until I completed a confirmation of my identity.
This probably makes sense, especially when purchasing equipment, as Audiogon will have a trail to follow in case something goes wrong.

Your comment was quite sarcastic, totally uncalled for.  What is your point, as no one was complaining?  The OP just wanted to know if it was a problem on his end.  

Perhaps Santa will send you a guide as to how to act like an ADULT.

I use a free software program called Psiphon it connects to a random server in 20 some odd country's and serves as a direct like between your computer and the and the web site you are browsing. Very safe and untraceable.
Since its  some major money in my  case  I am done with Audiogon purchases , thanks guys , even the smart ass.
@schubert …………………………….

+1 and have a very Merry Christmas and New Year.
I guess it all depends on how often you buy anything here and/ or how badly you really want it!
No big deal to me to disable my vpn, usually have to when in hotels anyway as mostly do not work with hotel wireless networking.
I use a free software program called Psiphon it connects to a random server in 20 some odd country's and serves as a direct like between your computer and the and the web site you are browsing. Very safe and untraceable.
So how come the Psiphon website states:
"Psiphon does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool."

Psiphon is for circumventing censorship. Its not for privacy.
I look at net this way . Everybody on it wants to steal my money , there are no "friends" .
I'm using a VPN right now and 'privacy badger', on firefox, along with ABP. (AdBlockPlus)

This combination disallows any search mode changes from stock mode..and disallows images from 'boosts' to load. The software goes into a loop.

This makes it impossible to do quality searches of the website, unless I submit to looking at the boost images, so that A****gon can take the money from the people who paid for boosts, by me being registered in the system as a 'view', for an advert I refuse to see and don't care about. (changing search mode has been forced to be dependent on the boost images loading first)

They've got the 'take the money' part nailed down perfectly, but can't be bothered to fix the forum system whatsoever.
Quite a depressing viewpoint Schubert.

May I ask if you have had a bad experience that would lead to such?
Like stolen identity, credit card hacks etc.
No details obviously but just curious as to what has led to such a downbeat attitude on the internet as a whole.
Not so much depressing as perceptive, prudent, and vigilant.
Treating the WHOLE internet as just a space where there is nothing but evil intent is depressing in my view.

Of course there are plenty of sharks out there who if they turned their talents to something productive to society would lift all of civilization up and one must be wary and careful and perform your own due diligence.

That is no reason imho to have a Debbie downer on the complete system.

Just saying.
I don’t understand why exposing one’s IP address to sites that are visited would be any more risky than exposing it to unknown proxy servers in unknown foreign countries.

Also, one’s IP address as well as the encrypted data that is used for communications with many and perhaps most major sites these days is exposed to the servers of the ISP and various other servers on the Internet regardless of which approach is used. And virtually all communications involving financial or other sensitive data are encrypted; even viewing pages at this very forum is accomplished with encrypted data in recent times.

Best regards,
-- Al
Don't let it get you down, but vigilant is to oblivious as prepared is to prey.
You can be at risk walking to your car in a parking lot.
Wishing it weren't so doesn't change the fact....
Schubert was the guy that thought a manufacturer of an amp called the M-60 should be throttled because there happened to be a machine gun with the same model number. My guess is that he has numerous "triggers". 
The more educated you get the more you have . Well know in most of the world .
Not so much in the home of micky mouse , where ignorance is bliss no matter what the IQ .

I 'm used to Europe while anyone would assume I meant the case in hand , buying things not
e.mailing my aunt .
Knowledge can be defined as what’s left in your noggin after you subtract out all that useless stuff you forgot from school.
I've been a member here for 19 years and stopping selling on the web a few years ago.  Too many snakes these days.  If I buy used, I pick it up.  A'gon offers a good level of protection to the buyer and seller but I just don't trust people on the web, I've been snake bit once to many times.  I've had good luck buying from the B&M stores selling on this site.
Either I have been extremely lucky in my online dealings or we just seem to have the 0.001% affected all in one place on this site.
No I don’t know that is the number, just a figure I used for an example.
Last couple days I have probably made 30 online transactions from various sites.
Let’s face it, it is now an online world and sticking your head in the sand is not going to change the facts.

I ain’t Skeered!
+1 @uberwaltz I feel the same way.
I have no trouble finding any thing I want in my large city and I don’t want
what above posts will cause.
A world where 6 huge corporations control you life, and it will not be pretty .

More a question of pulling your head out of your butt than sticking it in the sand .
Hey Schubert, thanks for making my past, present and future points. Have you bought the M-60s yet?
Very interesting observations there Schubert, tell me what is going to happen to that large city when it is solely controlled by one of the six large corporations?
Bomb shelter?
Deep underground catacombs?

Reminds me of "Demolition Man" movie...…..
You could never understand .
City-dwellers will have two brands of speaker available to them for purchase: Bose or Polk.
Pretty sure I understand plenty.

Merry Christmas everyone!
I love the line "well known in most of the world".