Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation

My other half wants a straightforward system to use and doesn't want a ton of electronics and speakers scattered about the room. We are buying a new TV and have decided on the 65" LG G1 OLED. I need a sound bar that will give me acceptable audio, be relatively easy to use, and not cost multi kilobucks. Probably go up to $1K for it. Be happier if I was at $500 to $700, but what is another $300 right? Preferably Atmos. 

Anyone have good recommendations? The easy to use is going to be a high selling point to my better half. 


Thanks all, I will be picking up my order Saturday. I needed to grab the TV quickly as there was only one of the G1 in the box left, as the G2 is now coming out. Works well for me as its a significant discount off of normal selling price. Of course it could have been a crafty salesman technique and there are 6 more in the back room, but I knew I wanted a G1 and the price is good so I could not take the chance there was only one. Have that happen before and seen it sold. 

When I get to the store I am going to see what they have for the Sonus soundbars and see if I can give them a listen. I am not adverse to upgrading to the Arc ones if I can hear them being worth it. 

We kept our Panasonic plasma for a long time, but we are not heavy TV users. Bought it in 2008 and the best deal available then was at Costco for about $1200 for a 50 inch. Picture is still good on it and functions as it should, Panasonic built a heck of a piece. This TV is probably overkill for us but I would rather buy up and for  the future as we do not change things out quickly but wait till things are used up. 

With any luck I will get to hear the other sound bars, the Sonus seems to be well thought of also. But if not then this LG should be just fine considering I spent the last 14 years hearing the speakers built into the Panasonic. 

Sound bars are like speakers so you need listen to them, narrow it down, then purchase for  home trial. Best Buy has 2 week refund if you don't like it. JBL makes 2 affordable models 2.1 & 5.1 $350 & $599. They are straight forward and easy to use & there is no app to crash.

Another vote for the Ambeo. Best soundbar on the market. I have one and it blows me away everytime I turn it on. Best to wait for it to go on sale though. (Every so often goes on sale for 500 off).

It is the no compromise sound bar for the home theater enthusiest who has to compromise :)

Check out the user feedback on Crutchfield.  Seems like the Ambeo has some QC problems.

We have the same OLED and listened to a sound bar.
The mrs literally stepped back it was so shrill.

Running the sound through a 2 channel is pretty good as the two of us sit relatively close to the sweet spot.

You probably will want to listen to one, as we determined that there was no viable $1k solution available. YRMV.