Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation

My other half wants a straightforward system to use and doesn't want a ton of electronics and speakers scattered about the room. We are buying a new TV and have decided on the 65" LG G1 OLED. I need a sound bar that will give me acceptable audio, be relatively easy to use, and not cost multi kilobucks. Probably go up to $1K for it. Be happier if I was at $500 to $700, but what is another $300 right? Preferably Atmos. 

Anyone have good recommendations? The easy to use is going to be a high selling point to my better half. 


I have a number of Samsung cheap soundbars, with and without subwoofers. They all work fine and pair to the TV remote very easily. More than good enough. When I run my bigger music system, I'm always getting up because it sounds like a truck is driving by. 

After work I decided to call over to Video Only and see what they sell a 65" LG G1 OLED for. They were having a close out for the upcoming model so I got So I got one for $1699 rather than the $2399 at other places. That works for me. They bundles a Sound bar from Samsung, the HW-Q900A for $599 versus the $1097 I saw at other sites. Paid for it and will pick it up tomorrow. Should be a good purchase for the price kind of buy. 

Low cost, great value:

Klipsch Cinema 600. MSRP around $600.

EBay open box prices in the $300-$350 range.

I got one a month ago and I’m more than pleased. HDMI-arc makes for easy setup, but if you prefer optical, it can learn your TV’s commands. It has a full featured, motion-sensitive, back-lite remote which I never need to use and a somewhat klugey but comprehensive mobile app as well.

The wireless sub has a 10" driver and a large wood cabinet.

It does lack a HDMI pass through, so if you are out of ports, you’ll need to use optical.

I’ve had Polk and Boston Acoustics soundbars in same price range over the years and there is no comparison.

It’s not offensive for music, has several voice modes and night modes. My wife, who HATES extra remotes or special routines for simply watching TV has no clue that anything is different other than great sound and effects you can feel.


Edit: I have the 3.1 version. They make a 5.1 version, but no atmos. You can start with 3.1 and add rear speakers later, if desired.

Edit 2: just read your last post. Have fun with your great new toys!!

I’ve heard the Sonos Arc & really enjoyed it .I have the same TV - excellent!! If I didn’t already have a pretty solid surround sound system, I would go w/ it

I have the Sonos Arc with an 85” Sony. Easy to set up, looks good, has Atmos, works very well