Buying mcintosh ma 6600 what speakers?

Would like sugestions on a good match for speakers for the mcintosh ma 6600 for under $5000. Thanks before hand
I'm sure there are many speakers that would work well. I'd recommend finding speakers that you like first and then determine if the Mcintosh is a good fit for the speakers. Harbeth would be my recommendation if I had to make one, but like many other speakers, they will also sound good with other amps besides Mac.
Lot's depends upon the room. A 10x12 den is very different than an 18x 25 dedicated listening room. That said, Johsti makes a good call with the Harbeth.
Vandersteen,Dynaudio, Thiel, Martin Logan... Depends what kind of music you listen to also (if there is a primary type) though many may argue that for 5k you should get a speaker that will sound good for any kind of music, and I'd be hard pressed to disagree.