Buying in Canada

Besides a passport and currency conversion what is involved
with driving into Canada from the US and purchasing audio
equipment and bring it back to the US.
Must declare purpose of visit; business or other. Upon return to US, must report to customs any items purchased (with receipts) and the value. Big ticket items will be inspected and possibly checked for current market value.

worst case scenario...returning from Canada with top of the line speakers and declaring their value too low to avoid paying customs charges. You will be interviewed.
I have first hand knowledge with undervaluing a Harley.
Thanks Lowrider. I wasn't to sure about the customs charges
for a personal purchase or how it was done.
You should google US Customs fees. You are allowed up to a certain amount without charge. But I'll bet HiFi gear is over that limit. cheers.
I take it you're getting a heck of a deal?

Normally, pricing for most everything is higher in Canada.

Definitely follow Lowrider57's advice in declaring the value correctly. I could be wrong, but if the speakers were manufactured in the USA or Canada, I believe you would be exempt from duties.
You would still have to pay taxes on the value after conversion to US dollars.
I have seen a couple a class A amps on Canuk Audio Mart I have desired, being sold in the Toronto area. Owners don't
want to ship because of the weight. Toronto isn't that far
and I would rather drive and pick up if I could rather than
have it shipped. Also from what I just gathered from net
the fees charged buy UPS or Fedex to get through customs is
prohibitively expensive.

I've read some things about NAFTA and merchandise being made in the trade zone being exempt but one of the amps was a Plinius which is made in New Zealand

So anyway I did find a site called and
if it's accurate the tax rate is 4.9% for most electronics
plus a $25 fee. Considering the amps value at aprox four
thousand that would not be to big of hit. Although I
wonder how they would determine the value of a used amp.
Bring the seller's ad you printed out. So you can SHOW them what you paid for it. With a letter from the seller, then you would probably be paying what was claimed.
Only if they can see the price is crazy low will they start checking up on it.
take Elizabeth's advice. I got in trouble w/ customs cause I declared the value way too low, and they knew Harleys were much more expensive. My buddy and I were foolish, I think you'll be fine.
Yea printing out the ad is a good idea of course a bill of sale is a must. I had a concerns fees could get out of hand.
Canada looks to be a viable option. Thanks for the responses.
We're nice too! Even us Toronto folks
aac....You betcha.
I bring stuff back from Canada all the time. My family has a summer home in the Thousand Islands. Half the time they don't even care and just let you through. For me it depends also on where I cross to come back home. Ogdensburg is the best so when I come back from Montreal that's where I cross. I don't have as much luck crossing at Wellesley Island.

Keep ALL your receipts. The agents have called the hotel on me when I couldn't locate a hotel receipt. It's easy to go over but can be a bear coming back. Great country. The people are awesome.
Bring all of your documentation along with the emails of the correspondence with the seller of the Classe gear.
Print the add on Canuckmart as well your receipt or a copy of your money order made out to the seller.
Always declare the sold to value, be honest and you wont have any issues. Have made lots of transaction and I always pick up and sell to the States via Point Roberts WA.
But if you stretch the truth then...........
What happened to the good old days when Canucks drove to the U.S. to save money on products ?