Buying from Parts Connexion

I'm based in the UK and very interested in buying valve tubes from Parts Connexion in Canada, anyone in the UK had any experience with this ? Thanks 
Been buying a variety of components for years: with never an issues. If you have a problem Stephanie will politely and promptly sort it for you. They have a definite customer focus.
Parts/Audio Connexion are real and honest places to purchase Hi Fi components. I have purchased many items (tubes, gauges, wire, TT for my son, IC's, capacitors etc..) there, both on-line and in person. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and honest, The retail store is well laid out and very "laid back".
If they sell what you need and it is at "the right price".... well... the rest is up to you. I know what I would do if I were you.
I live in Taiwan, and have bought several times from Parts/Audio connexion. They are great to deal with and offer very good service. I would recommend them to anyone based o my positive experience.

It looks like no one from the UK has responded directly to you with regards to experiences with buying from Parts Connexion in Canada. From what I read so far, I get flashbacks of when someone whispers (messenger game) something into someone else’s ear and passes the whispered message to 10 more people, and the last person ends up saying something totally irrelevant or way off the mark, LOL. Not to say that some advice may not be helpful, but no one actually from the UK who has the experience you seek has ponied up a response. 

I suggest you call Parts Connexion direct and ask them how shipping charges and VaT may be applied to your particular situation. I lived in Europe 25 years and had to rely on direct communication with companies in USA or Canada when I was not able to ascertain others experiences trying to obtain products from North America and transport to Europe. When things arrived in the public mail or UPS, FEDEX, etc., I almost got slammed with some form of import or duty tax. Good luck.