Buying from Canada!


I am looking to purchase used speakers from Canada. The seller has a flat shipping cost of $50.00. Will there be an import duty tax if the speakers are made in England and shipped to the USA? Thanks for any information about this!

This is the listing!


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I  bought a pair of Quad 57’s and a Linn Sondek TT from England (used) through eBay. I paid NO tariffs or custom fees!

The determining factor for whether you're legally required to pay import duty is where the equipment was made. If it was made in Canada there should be no fee because the U.S., Canada and Mexico are covered by NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. Made in England means there should be import duty based on the value. That's all theory, though, and depends on whether customs is paying attention to your particular item as it passes through. Legally, you should pay the fee but you might get lucky.

It will also depend on how the seller ships the speakers.  If he goes the regular postal route, it becomes less likely.