Buying Fewer CD's & LP's Because of Pandora?

Now that you have Pandora, Rhapsody, Mog and Spotify and internet radio stations....are you buying fewer cd's and lp's than before?
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not me - Pandora is just for background listening. I need to listen to albums in context when it comes to serious listening.
Not for me... I'm actually buying *more* CDs than before listening to Pandora.

Pandora serves up artists I've never heard before. If I like them well enough, I buy a copy for closer listening.
Just the opposite ... it plays things i've not heard and like so I end up buying more CDs.
I use Rhapsody to listen to entire albums. If I feel that I want to own the album at higher resolution, then I'll purchase the CD or LP. Rhapsody has definitely cut my CD/LP purchases at least by half.
I've started using Shazam to identify and tag tunes I am interested in when I hear them and then revisit tagged tunes later when I am in the mood to pick up some new music.
per rhanson, rockadanny, et. al., pandora did lure me into buying a disc for an artist i wanted to hear more of. since discovering mog, however, i have the ability to play full albums at near-cd quality, and i've gone from being a profligate cd buyer to buying very few.
In general Internet radio help to increase your horizons in music listening,
I listen different stations like BBC 3, and the French Paris station FIP that is amazing selection, so I discovered many artist trough this path them buy the CD on amazon, cause my system is very demanding with quality recording probbably my ears too.
Pandora sometimes on the gym and some surgeons playing in the OR while I give my anesthetics.
I sure buy a lot less music because of online streaming. Between Rhapsody,Pandora and my own cd and lp collection, I'm pretty much well taken care of. I just haven't seen the need to buy music like I used to.
Actually, I'm buying more. All of this online streaming is introducing me to music I've never heard before. I love it!
Based on one of the responses above, I've been listening to Mog. Although I haven't had a good listen, the sound quality is much better than Pandora, at least for 'around the house' listening.

I'm glad I was introduced to Mog.
No, I don't care for Pandora because I don't want a station choosing music for me. I did not think the sound of MOG was very good, but that could be my system. I do listen to internet radio however, but still listen to Grooveshark occasionally and buy just as much Jazz on CD as ever.
Foster_9, any radio station your whole life you've ever listened to always chose the music for you with a dj.

Pandora is doing the same thing, just without human interaction.
Mitch4t, I should have said I like the option of choosing what I want to hear and when I want to hear it. In other words, the sites where you make your own playlists and favorites.