Buying equipment

Ok, I've been looking online to put together a system and man is it frustraring. I live in rural wyoming and cannot go to a stereo store. So I will need to buy online.

None of the companies sell their components online, they only refer me to a dealer. Then even on the dealer's sites there are very few photos and again no prices. I did find 6moons' site, but it is tedious clicking through reviews to get to the bottom and find out its $45,000.

Amazon doesn't have much that is interesting- I want something unique and all that I would have access to is Sonos, Focal, 'Bird', marantz, and yamaha. Fleawatt is done building for the year and that seems to be it.

I'm looking for a tight little system that will fill the living room of a one bedroom apartment with hardwood floors.

I want something that will play standard CD's and one that I can eventually hook up a Pro-ject turntable to.

Any help of how to find a system to buy?

A number of manufacturers sell direct to the consumers and even allow for a generous in-home audition period. Zu, Tekton, etc come to mind. Also, as crazy as it may sound, Amazon sells some pretty good gear.
"It will play any shiny disc"

Thankya Mr. Wainwright now your talking my language:) All this alphabet soup has a long learning curve-and I am even ex-military!

I mentally check-out and start wondering what might be in the fridge when i read

"Upgrade the iDac to Asynchronous 24/192 with Peachtree's X1 USB to SPDIF Converter."

I am off to check out the systems you all have so very thoughtfully pointed me to. I really appreciate all the help everybody is giving me.
from resolution audio pdf:

"the opus21 only requires one power chord" Yes!

As I am beginning to learn about all the options and how to listen to and evaluate a system.

I am wondering what I am listening to/for.

Such as in this video:

To me it sounds shallow. that is less like a live performance-theatre stage and more like a modern movie theatre or art museum:
Are you listening on your freakin laptop?? What do you expect it to sound like?

Yes, I am. but it has Harman/kardon speakers- it says so right on it.

So that sound was okay? I'm just checking