Buying Decision..Cary SLI80 or Jadis Orchestra....

both used but in excellent condition with approximately the same asking price. Will be using with Cary 308 primarily for blues and classic rock, with occasional jazz and classical.

This will be in a dedicated small 11 ft by 12 ft by 8 ft room. Speakers are also yet to be determined.

Which amp would you choose and why?

Speaker suggestions for this setup would also be much appreciated.

I have not heard the SLI 80, but had a Rocket 88 in a similar sized room. I used and still have Proac Response 2 speakers. I like the sound and found that the Proac speakers worked well with the CARY amp.

If you need to place speakers close to the rear wall I suggest front ported or sealed speakers. I had difficulty with rear ported speakers.

Best of luck in your search.