buying decision? B W/ Vienna Acoustics?

I'm planning on upgrading my speakers shortly. I currently have a pair of B&W P6s with Classe amp/Rega cd player. Sounds great now, listen exclusively to music, no home theater(classical, jazz, female vocals, classic rock). I've been planning on spending between 2 and 4 grand either new or used, would prefer better speaker used. I've checked out B&W Matrix 802 III and Vienna Acoustics Beethovens. Seriously impressed with the V.A., but have listened to outstanding Sonus Faber models too. Any opinions would be appreciated!!!!!!
What is the rest of your system? I know your speakers well and they will perform great with amplification much better than what people usually spend on a $1800 speaker. If you like the P6 and you're using a more budget-end amplifier and pre-amplifier to power them, first try to demo better electronics with them. You might be surprized. The P Series have the same drivers (bass, mid, tweeter) as the Matrix series. The other speakers you're are considering are very fine.
Sorry, I saw the Rega, but missed you were using a Classe amp. Preamp???
In your price range new, I would suggest the Audio Physic Tempo III ($3000) or the Von Schweikert VR3.5 ($3500). Used, you can't beat the ProAc Response 2.5 ($3500 pair on Audiogon now, $4500-5500 new depending on finish). Audio Nexus in Summit, NJ (Jeff and Ken -great guys- 908-277-0333) have a demo pair of the A.P. Tempo 3's that look and sound great for closer to $2,000. If I was ready to upgrade...
i have friend who has 802 Nautilus and I am familiar with e Vienna Acoustics. The consensus amongst reviewers and users is that the VA's are very musical period. My experience with these speakers is that they sound more like real music than the 802's check out recent reviews in the current editions of Ultimate Audio and HiFi News and record review
For me the metal B&W tweeter calls too much attention to itself on too much music, and I much prefer the more refined sound of the VA silk dome tweeters. Although I find midrange/bass to be comparable between the two, I find the VA speakers throw off a larger and more realistic soundstage.

That said, I do find the VA speakers to be just a bit dark sounding. I would highly recommend looking at the Silverline Sonatina II(or Sonata used), Soliloquy 6.2, Triangle Ventis, and Audio Physic Tempo III(or Virgo used). They do everything the others do while providing more detail and insight into the performance than the VA while avoiding the harshness the B&W can sometimes exhibit. If you hear any of these and still prefer the B&W or VA, you know you're on the right track. Best of luck.