Buying an old Wadia or Meridiean CD player


I've got about $1,500 to spend on a new CD player. At the moment I'm using an Ah!Njoe Tjoeb 4000 fully optioned. I've been considering a used Wadia 830 or Meridian 508.24. Both are a decade old and I'm wondering whether this makes sense. Am I likely to hear an improvement over my current player? Should I go for a current CD player and, if so, which one.

All advice appreciated.

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if your spending 1500 then get yourself a Sony XA5400ES and be happy...
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I bought a used Meridian 508.24 three years ago and absolutely love it.

One thing to think about with an older CD player is can it be fixed if something goes wrong. Are replacement parts like the laser and transport still available. Will the company repair their older models. This is something I would check before I made any decision.
I upgraded from that model Meridian to a new McIntosh CD player and I think the 20 year old Meridian sounded better. But since it is impossible to a/b everything I think the new discounted Sony is a safe buy
I bought a used Meridian 508.24 three years ago and absolutely love it. - very musical player still!

Forget a new CDP and buy a DAC. A Museatex Bitstream was just sold here for $400. That will beat most CDPs today in the $1500 price range.

Happy Listening.
try a meridian 596 or 598 cd/dvd player both usually under $1000 on Agon.
Both are extremely musical.
I've had the Meridian 508.24 for several years, purchased used. Never a problem and it sounds fantastic.
I am a vinyl fanatic, but the Meridian amazes me.
I have a Meridian 506.24 that was a smoking deal (divorce). It really sound fantastic. Makes my Sony XA20ES sound like its gargeling gravel. BUT, it is fussy about playing some discs and Meridian will not support it. If it's a good deal, get it but realize it will be expensive scrap at some point. Rumors are floating about transports being available but I have not looked in to it.