Buying a Vintage Mcintosh: Tips?

I found a local seller that is offering a Mcintosh MC-7300 (released 1991, 300w x 2). I have seen the pictures and the amplifier looks to be in great shape. That said, when purchasing a vintage amplifier, what are some of the things to look for in order to minimize the chance of buying a lemon?

Your comments are much appreciated.

If I were in the market for a vintage piece, I would start by looking for a product with a proven track record like McIntosh. The second step would be the availability of qualified technicians, parts etc. to modify or repair the piece should the need ariseĀ…again McIntosh. I am not technically trained; therefore, I could not test a unit other than listening to the unit in question.
Thanks. I am not technical either. Other than listening to the amp is there anything else to check that would indicate a potential down the road problem with the internals?
the mc7300 is indeed a classic. there is a7300n and 7300w...narrow and wide. no difference in sound, but the 'n' is more rare.
Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. I ended up purchasing but then cracked the front glass faceplate when pulling this 80lb monster out of my car. Anyone know where a replacement may be available?

Try Audio Classics, they will have what you need.
You can also contact McIntosh directly. I got one for my MA5100 a couple of years ago. Also, dont know where you live but there are a number of good techs around the country that can check out your new piece and make sure its up to spec as well as do any work needed to get it there. I also have a MC250 which was gone over by a tech in KY or TN before being shipped out to Hawaii. McIntosh is a great investment piece so you might find it worth the while to get it checked out before running it. Usually once you do that you can just run it for another 20 years.
Audio Classics is a great McIntosh retialer - both new and used plus parts too. Ask for Ryan Kilpatrick. He is the epitomy of customer service.