Buying a used Pre-amp...Advice needed

I'm looking to buy a used pre-amp with a good sound. Here is my stiuation. I've been buying several DACs to compare them with my existing system and really amazed by how differences in sound each DAC makes. But I discovered that my Chiro C-802 DTS Processor do not have analog pass-through. That's mean, it convert analog to digital and then convert the signal back to analog again(Correct me if I'm wrong). So, while waiting for the Processor to be modified to get analog by-pass, I want to get a good pre-amp to listen to the music.

Now I need your suggestion for a used, good sounded pre-amp. It should not be an expensive one (around $400 used). Thanks in advance for your help.
I was lucky to find a Audible illusions Mobulus 2D for $450
used. It took looking for several weeks to find it. I was prepaired to payup to $800 for the mobulus tube preamp. A friend has a Mobulus 3 and told me he loved it and I agree with him. The new 3A's go for $2500 and used for $1100-1300.
keep looking and a bargain will come along. Just be sure your ready to jump when it does. I knew what I wanted and wated for it to come along. this way I won't be looking to upgrade anytime soon. RG Knaak
Old reliable Conrad Johnsons are fairly easy to find in your price range. If it's just a tide you over kinda thing it should suffice.

I bought a preminence one for about that--maybe a little less. It's passive, so there are some considerations there--passive won't work in all systems (there is a thread on passive vs active pre amps). For the money, I've been very happy with it.
I noticed yesterday a McCormack ALD-1 advertised on Audiogon for $400. If this is still available I would get it in a heartbeat. I own an ALD-1 that has been modified by Steve McCormack and it is a great pre-amp that can be operated either in an active or pasive mode.
I would suggest either a AE-3 from Cary or a Anthem pre 2L from Sonic Frontiers. Both are musical, well built, and very resonably priced on the used market. If I had to choose one I'd go with the Cary although the Anthem is about to have upgrade options. Good hunting!
Not to belittle any of those that have already responded, but you will continue to get "generic" suggestions until you specify what features and sonics that your looking for. There are obviously different types of preamps available i.e. solid state & tube. On top of this, are you looking for something that is "warm" or "detailed" sounding ? Any specific type of inputs required ? Remote capability ? ETC....

On top of this, some people consider passive mode selectors and line sections to be "preamps", so it might pay off to be more specific. After all, the more info that you can supply, the more likely you are to get useful responses. Sean
Would agree with South43 on those selections. Have both the Anthem Pre1L and AES AE-1. Both great preamps for the money. Used around $500.
Thanks you guys for your inputs. Here is my personal preferences. I would like solid state preamp that sound sweet, detailed, and very involving (but not harsh). I mostly listen to instrumental Jazz so I need something that makes the music looks REAL and LIVEd. Hope it would help. If you guys can suggest the D/A that fits the above characteristic, it would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Consider looking for and Adcom. They are solid, good sounding units and there should be several for you to consider in the used listings. Good Luck, Doug
Try Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid, $499 in kit form.
This little thing really rocks...
Monarchy has just what you need..the model 33 DAC. It has a built in preamp and sounds very nice. Perfect for Jazz. Very musical and refined. Natural.