Buying a power cord from France, import duty and taxes?


I would like to buy a used power cord (that was originally made in USA) from someone in France.  He said he would mark "US goods returned" on the package, so I won't have to pay any import duty and taxes.  Is this true?  Thanks for your comments and/or sharing your experience on buying overseas.

I won't buy or sell anything outside of the USA. Too many problems can occur and shipping can be expensive, even with Canada.
The seller is covering shipping and paypal fees.
Don't do it.
I'v boughten several knives from France and never had a problem. No import duties or fees or any hang ups in customs. And these were knives; easily determined a weapon (of all things) and it all went smoothly.

What the seller is proposing is what I did when I bought an amp from PartsConnexion in Canada. I sent it back for a modification and was told to mark it as such and when they sent it back they marked it "returned goods" and it went smoothly. No added costs of any sort.

It doesn't mean that things will go smoothly for you so think carefully.

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Thanks for all your comments.  And if I go through Paypal, then I should be protected if anything goes wrong, right?
Since your buying from Europe, which Id have no hesitations doing, does the Power cord your buying have a US plug on it ?  If your handy it will not be an issue of course changing it if needed - but if not ?  

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Yes, the ad shows 15 Amp IEC US AC Plug.  Is that what's being used in France?  I believe France uses 220-240 volt, so does that mean they use a different plug?
Re: duties/taxes I’ve had zero problems buying $100-1000 cables from Europe and Asia. Canada is hit or miss depending on how it is shipped. I would say that the seller’s feedback history is the most important part of the transaction. Yes, Paypal is a good way to pay - especially, via your credit card.  That offers a double-back up.

Yes France use the Shucko type which is used in most of Europe, this of course does not mean that its whats on the PC your buying.

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Your hassle potential will be reduced if the PC is shipped via French Post>USPS as opposed to FedEx or UPS although I've had no problems with DHL.
There shouldn't be any problem. I received a 75lb integrated amp just a few weeks ago from Italy, and everything went smoothly.
And if I go through Paypal, then I should be protected if anything goes wrong, right?
Assuming you use a credit card (CC), yes, the CC bank will protect you. PayPal themselves offer little to no help other than the ability to use a CC.

Yes, the ad shows 15 Amp IEC US AC Plug. Is that what's being used in France? I believe France uses 220-240 volt, so does that mean they use a different plug?

France uses Schuko male plugs for their 230 V requirements. Google it to see what it looks like.
It is important to make sure that the cord not only has a 15/20 A IEC female connector, but that it has US male plugs, and not the Schuko male plug.
I only buy in USA why would you want to get a cord from France??
do it its fine I live in Canada and have never had issues shipping anywhere in the world. shipping is not that expensive as some here would say. I've bought and sold many items to / from the USA, Netherlands, UK,  etc. and never had an issue. one member said it depends on shipping method I've always used a reputable international shipping company or preferably the countries postal service as they will hand off to your US postal service in the end. Always insure and claim full costs better to pay the duties if applicable then get hosed if it gets lost.   
You should be fine particularly buying a cable where the aspect of the product being damaged is out of the equation. And the cable is in fact US goods returned as it was made in the US. The shipper is doing nothing wrong and assuming the plugs are the correct type and the seller has good feedback you have little to worry about.

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which power cord (PC) are you considering purchasing?

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