Buying a pair Aerial 10T speakers in 2016....Yea or Nay???


Would it be wise to buy a pair of 20yrs old speakers.
The Speakers in questions are a Pair of Aerial 10T's, the speakers seem to
be in good condition(7/10)the Driver look to be (8/10). I have heard the Speakers and they
sound Good.

"I have heard the Speakers and they sound Good" seems to say it all.  My 20 year old KEF Reference 107/2s sound and look superb, so I'd say yea.

Make sure they are the last version. Call Aerial with the serial number. 
Those were $7000 20 years ago. So it all depends on the price! How much are they going for?
+1 yogiboy - if priced right I would go for it

My 20 year old Aerial 10t speakers had a history of driver replacement. They're still in business and doing very well. If bad comes to worse, you will have parts and be able to fix it. I use them more than 10 years already and don't even think of changing. I paid for mine $1100 knowing that woofer is blown.
Many of the earlier ones developed "cracked heads", that's why the comment to get serial#s and call Aerial is a great idea. Cheers,
Thanks for the Good Advice!

What Amp are you using with your Aerial 10T's?
when the 10T was current, Aerial particularly liked the higher end Classe and Theta amps
I use Sunfire 300. It replaced Bryston 3b-st. I purchased it nearly new on ebay $417 shipped and than sold my Bryston 3b-st  $~1200. Not definitely higher end, but the price of my unit used is actually higher now than I purchased new. I wanted actually to go for Sunfire 600, but never got the chance to upgrade. The Sunfire 2ch amps had always been called "lower-end", but by all possible means they're not. They sell now at the same price point as Krell KAV250 amps. That tells I guess something about the quality of these. 
My current Amps are Bel Canto REF 1000 Mono-Blocs.
They should be a Good Match for the 10T's...
I still love my 10T's.  I currently use Parasound JC1's and they make a superb match.

How would you Describe the Bass quality of the 10T's?
Let's just say, with the 10t's, you won't "need" a sub.
Yea maybe.

The Aerials provide plenty of bass.  You have to be careful with interactions with the back wall since they are rear ported however.

To get the best from them I'd recommend as much power as you can afford.  My JC1's do a superb job with them.  I imagine Krell would mate well with them extremely well also.

Good luck with your decision!
jdlynch......Really, no Sub...nice!

Sounds like the Aerial 10T will be a good choice!
My Bel Canto Ref 1000 amps are 1000w @ 4ohms,
power won't be a problem.
I also have a chance to pickup the matching Aerial CC3
center channel speaker....any thoughts?

Just bought a pair of 10Ts MK2 this week from the original owner. Net price was $1,800. They have been cared for.
They are superb speakers.
 Very nice bass.
I am really starting to enjoy them.


Congrats on the 10T's.....
What speakers were you using before the 10T's???
The CC3 is a good center, but the CC5 - UHHHH-Mazing.  Again, give it good power and you will be rewarded.  When I had mine I used a Levinson 336 on the 10T's and one channel of a Proceed HPA3 on the CC5, with the other two driving surrounds.  It was fantastic. 

Congrats on the 10T's!
I was using B&W 804 matrix.
I got lucky and found the original owner who was moving. The amp is MC352 with a MC 2200 preamp.
Before I bought them I checked with Aerial and all parts are available.