Buyers Beware Avoid Shawser61 Possibly Fraud

Ok! I bought a Denon DCD-S1 player from Shawser61 on Dec 20th. He hasn't shipped the player and no tracking uploaded by Dec 31st. He also stops responding to queries on Audiogon.

It's possible this seller is fraudulent in nature and a scam / con artist. I have contacted PayPal about this seller also.

Whomever thinking of dealing with him, exercise extreme caution.

Audiogon now blocks the seller information and you don't know where they live, their contact number and their direct email address. Pay Now button will take to PayPal website direct and all the seller information is hidden from buyer.
While his lack of responsiveness is classless, it IS possible that he is away for the holidays.
Doubtful he is away for the Holidays. He posted another ad on 12-27-2012. At the very least, he should have sent you a tracking number.
Sorry to hear

For me it could be 2 things

-my last recent purchase seemed to get funny as soon as I made payment. Seller stopped responding to emails, he had a phone number in another item he was selling and did not return two calls. On my third call to him I reached him and he said he had responded to my emails. I later checked and sure enough the new Audiogon system never notified me of his response and they were not sending him all my emails.

- your seller could be suspect, recent member here, 11/15/12' single feedback with another member who signed up the day before him. 11/14/12.

I would contact Paypal and you should be covered by them, since he can't show he delivered the item to you with a valid tracking number.
There is a good chance he has not gotten the emails through the audiogon system. I was corresponding on a deal recently and was wondering why I had not heard back for the seller. I never received an email and only after logging in to my page did I see the seller had responded. This has happened a number of times. Audiogon is nuts now. They don't want you having personal contact because they want to make sure they get their cut on the deal. It is backfiring now and what was supposed to be a safer system for both the buyer or seller is just a fiasco that is worse than ever. Have you noticed how many fraudulent ads are posted lately? Wilson Sasha speakers for 8000.00 lol
The system is breaking down as the above poster notes.This isnt cool anymore with Big Brother involved.Wish some good guys would take over instead of these bean counters....
I also had problems with a buyer not receiving my emails via the Audiogon system. Once we figured it out and took external action the transaction went smoothly.
The last deal I was involved with was never finalized thru the system. No mention of payment sent/recieved, no mention of item sent/recieved, no feedback , nothing. I got the item and the seller got payment but nothing came thru the system. I'm getting wary of using the new system.
A few years ago I used Paypal to purchase an amp from this site and once I paid, the seller disappeared. I went around and around with Paypal trying to track this guy/girl down. The important thing that I learned was that Paypal only really backs you up when you use them to fund an Ebay transaction, otherwise you're basically on your own. Fortunately for me my Paypal account is set up with Amex and they refunded me. It took 5 months to get my money back, had I just used Amex alone and not gone through Paypal I would have been refunded much sooner. My advice to you is to only use Paypal at Ebay and let your creditcard company handle the rest.

By using your card you get access to the sellers information. Your card company will back you up.
Thanks for chiming in! I took some considerations he could be away for Holidays or just bad weather preventing him from going to a nearest UPS store.

If it's the case, all he needed to do is to post a message and let me know he has some setbacks in shipping the item out and will ship in next few days.

The last message posted on Agon from him was in Dec 27th stating he will ship in a day or two. He stops replying after that. But he listed more items for sale (McIntosh MVP 841 Player) on Dec 28th and sold that one yesterday.

So, he has a good idea what's going on if he is Genuine about the item he sold me.

I contacted PayPal and filed a dispute for the payment and PayPal immediately escalated the dispute to claim citing they are unable to contact the seller.

I think he sold a few other stuff on Agon and the buyers may have the same problem as I have.

So, someone may have contacted paypal about this seller before me and his paypal account may have been restricted already. I don't know anything for sure but paypal sure is taking their time to investigate the seller which I don't think will have any good outcome.

I will contact Amex and dispute the charge also. I do hope this thread will go on and people got alerted about this seller and how scary it is buying from new sellers with low feedback on Agon has become.

If I buy more on Agon, I have decided to deal with sellers who allows local pickup in person only from now.
Shouldn't this have been posted in the Disputes forum?
I don't think the disputes section is in use anymore or the moderators are letting stuff go. Grievances get aired out in the general forum now. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked down yet.

With regards to the e-mail system if you put any kind of e-mail information in there or a phone # the e-mail will be suppressed. I was trying to help a member out by getting him a copy of a manual I had and I found from observing the conversation the messages were blocked where I put my e-mail or phone #. That could be part cause of the e-mails not getting through.

I don't know if this works with the pay now options when buying from an ad but when you are corresponding with a member you can check the Email Delivery in the Inbox on Audiogon. You can see if a message has been read or delivered etc etc. After signing in on the Main Page, go into the Inbox and then in the lower left corner you will see Email Delivery.
Yes, I should but who reads dispute forum? Last thread posted on Dispute forum was posted on the 2011.

I read dispute rules and Audogon can't do heck to make sellers participate in the dispute.

I wanted to warn other buyers who wanted to deal with this seller so I posted it on the more visible forum.

I will probably post a dispute as well as leave appropriate feedback for this seller. It seems fittings to do so.
A heads up should be posted anywhere it can be seen. Part of a sellers responsibility is to keep the buyer informed throughout the transaction. Maybe this was the only way he could have afforded the vacation in the first place. I think I'd get my money back regardless of the excuse(s). Best of luck.
Showser61 joined 11/15/12 and has one transaction with no-noise, who joined 11/14/12. Both left positive feedback to each other 12/12/12 at 1202. Coincidence? looks like a setup to me. TG
I never buy from anyone how as not had some interaction with the dangerous.
Nothing wrong with posting disputes if you feel the seller isn't taking care of business. Nobody wants to come to the forums with issues unless there is a good reason to do so. I just went through this for the first time but the thread was closed. The seller even offered a full refund in the thread but didn't have the money once confronted off the thread. A lot of con men out there!

Thanks for the heads up!
What's his address maybe one of the members is local and could check him out for you. It's sad to have resort to threats like I will show up at your house if you try to rip me off but believe me that works very well. I've done it and its what it took to get my money refunded.
It could be you're simply dealing with a newbie who does not get the importance of timely follow-up/responsiveness in these audio transactions. He may not understand the protocol for selling. That happened to me once with a rookie seller and I panicked too, and started emailing my audio contacts for advice. In the end, I received the gear I paid for, after explaining to the guy how to handle transactions. I hope that's what's going on here.
Hello Ejlif,

Audiogon does not send or share the seller name, address, contact number or email address with the buyer. There is only the Pay Now button to pay once the seller updates the total including shipping fees.

It's quite possible this new system is encouraging scammers come out in swarms. So, only local deals from Agon for me from now.

Hello Foster,

I think he understands he need to ship the item within certain time frame. I paid on Dec 20th and agreed with him to ship by Dec 28th.

He said he'll ship within a day or two on Dec 27th. He stops responding to my emails after that but keep listing more items for sale on Agon. He also answer the questions about his new listings but does not answer to the guy who has paid for him over 10 days ago.

So, this seems pretty much as a setup to me. And a lot of his items he sold does not add up and uses pictures from other countries / outside U.S / or off the web.

Anyway, I paid with PayPal and plastic. So, I think it'll take care of me. But I don't want other Agoner fall into the trap thus I started this thread.

Hello! Sorry my English, I write mostly using a google translator. I bought this guy's amp, paid on December 17 and December 18, received his trucking number. Here it is: EC771201795US. This Item did not go outside of Miami, and that it happened next is not known. It seems you are right. We have a high probability of dealing with a fraud. For me, the added complexity is that I live outside the U.S. and do not have any ability to influence the seller. I only hope for a return of their money from Paypal. May be somebody will tell me, what can I do more?
Hello Wr. Your English is very OK and I understands you perfectly fine.

But I wonder your problem may be a little different than mine.

What did you buy and how much did you pay him if you don't mind answering.

It seems the seller ships your item the next day after you paid him. The tracking number indicates the item ships from Florida where he mail the item to you.

It's a little strange because the item I bought indicates the item is located in Indiana State which is quite far from Florida.

Since he shipped the item you bought, you just need to wait for the item to arrive in good condition as he described.

It takes time for International Packages to arrive so you need to wait a bit longer. I think it takes like 2-3 weeks and longer due to the Christmas and Holidays closing time and customs clearance time.

If he didn't send you what you bought, your best course of action is to contact PayPal and the credit card company.

You can also contact FBI, Interpol, CIA and file compliant on their website even though it may not recover the funds for you if you don't get what you paid for. Also, these law agencies takes very long time to look into the compliant and there is no guarantee anything will be done since money matters are not their top priority as far as I understands.
Hello! I think it's still fraud, because the information in the Paypal transaction has another tracking number (EC791208510US)!
Unfortunately, I noticed it only today, when I launched on Paypal "Non-receipt dispute".
However, this is not important, because changes nothing, but just I'm more confident that it fraud.
I paid for the amp Mcintosh MC150 1100$. By reason of seller ships only to the United States, shiping must be made to the warehouse of my international shipper ("Shipito" in Hawthorne, CA).
Thanks for your support, James_moe! I have previously made ​​a purchase at Audiogone and I considered it as safe market. Alas.

Thanks! for sharing. Paypal plays a part in the issue as well.
Hi Wr.

I am sorry to hear you are in the same situation as me. I hope you all the best to recover your funds.

PayPal takes a long time to recover funds and sometimes, it's impossible for them to get the funds recovered from the seller.

I hope you have paid with your credit card so you can get fraud protection such as this case.

Hope all the best for you! If you do get your item from the seller, please update here.

I have purchased many times from Agon and all went smoothly before.

Audiogon has changed a lot in the past year and I don't think it's getting better for the change.

Is your name Alas? You can just call me James. :)


If you used paypal and a credit card, paypal pays back the buyer (as long as you win the case or get your CC company to issue a chargeback) then goes after the seller to recover their costs. Best of luck.
Hello, James! Have you any news about your purchase? Maybe it will be good news...
Hello! I heard nothing from the seller "shawser61". There is no email, no message posted to the Agon transaction page, and no reply to paypal case.

It makes me wonder did you get your item?

I don't hold my breath to hear any good news from the seller. I don't think any good news will be heard from this seller and it is my understanding that he might have scammed over 10K worth of stuff on Agon.

He may be desperate when he accepted paypal knowing that they will go after him one day.

Hello, James! There is no message and no reply to paypal case from seller too. I'm write to Audiogon support about this case. Perhaps it will not be superfluous. What do you think, how long Paypal can decide when to return the money?
Wr. Sorry! I am not sure exactly how long paypal takes but I think it usually takes 30 days or longer.
Paypal returned the money two months later. Thnx to All.
Glad to know you were reimbursed. Thanks again for the heads up.
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