Buyer is claiming damage that was done by him!

Hi group,
I sold a pair of mint Harbeths. I shipped them in original double boxed carton with original bonnets covering them. I just received this EMAIL from the buyer. I know that many ruin these speakers trying to pry  the magnetic grills off incorrectly. What is my recourse with this issue?
Thanks  much for your input!

This is the EMAIL I received from the buyer!

Hi. I picked up the speakers from FedEx yesterday. They arrived with some minor dents around the front top corners near the grille on both speakers. When I opened the outer box, I've noticed that one side of the inner box wasn't sealed on top and as a result the speakers came out of the top foam speaker holder. I guess the damage occurred from speakers bumping against each other. The grill cloth is also ripped near the dents. I've sent an email to Harbeth asking how much replacement grills are going to cost. I could probably live with those dents but grills might be replaced at some point. I'm still waiting on my amp to come back from service, so I have not even plugged the speakers in yet. Hopefully the drivers are ok.    
I gave them a try and I did not care for them in my room. I bought the new P3ESR 40th anniversary. I guess I just like smaller speakers!

Is there any way that it can be ensured that this guy doesn’t do the same to some other unsuspecting seller on the ’gon?

I kinda agree. I hate naming names, but in this case, I would feel better knowing who this dude that I can avoid him.

P3ESR 40th anniversary
SWEET!  I really, really like that speaker...congrats!
I've dealt with this stuff before, and know a lot of eBay sellers that have also. And you made the right decision IMO. This was the smart play. And your good nature served you well. Had the seller chosen to go to PayPal for a refund. They would have tried to get both of you to pay return shipping, and see who blinked first. And then after a short period of like a month or so they would have refunded the buyer the entire amount.

Now if you both chose to be stubborn. He would have gotten to keep the speakers, and the refund. But I'm assuming you would have paid the return shipping. So you would have most likely paid the shipping both ways, had to buy the new grills anyway, and got stuck dealing with having to sell the damaged speakers again. This would have surely cost you more then the $200. A lot more!

Yes you got screwed out of $200, but it could have been worse. I would chalk it up to a $200 lesson that might save me money in the future. Unfortunately this is the reality of selling online, at least when using PayPal. And now you know why you see some sellers on forums that refuse to take PayPal. Unfortunately you have no choice on certain platforms, like eBay. But that's a whole other story there. 

Andy B. 
I want to wait until this is all wrapped up. I don’t know what else he might decide to pull!
Thanks much!
Sound decision Yogi!

Right now with an agreement on the table I would keep quiet, make sure they agree all is well and leave positive feedback.
Make sure when you refund the $200 it is from the same PayPal payment they sent for the speakers.
That way if they try to make any more noise down the road PayPal will see that you ALREADY dealt with them and they agreed to a partial refund and that will be the end of that!

Do NOT ask me how I know this...…...