Buyer Beware of Late Part 2

O.K., so I realize it's not Audiogon's job to protect us from our own stupidity, but the scammers keep coming! The latest was by Kokilo and Smith00, both advertising B&W speakers at super discount pricing (red flag #1) with no feedback (red flag #2). This time, however, Kokilo listed an Iowa zipcode, right in my neck of the woods, so I thought I'd have some fun. I replied that I wanted the speakers and would pay cash, but would pick them up in person, please reply. No answer. I sent another email stating that Audiogon had given me his address (they don't, just for the record) and I was on my way to pick them up. No answer. I then told him that my brother-in-law, an Iowa State Patrol officer would be with me and not to be alarmed when his patrol car pulls up in front of this house. No answer again! My last email stated I was on my way and have the speakers ready to go. What a answer! As of last night, he had "sale pending" and now, he's no longer a member of Audiogon. I really hope no one sent this thief any $. Buyer beware, don't be stupid, know who you're dealing with.
Sounds like you scarred him off. Good job. I have the same criteria - first and foremost if it's too cheap, I get concerned and no feedback at all, I don't rule out but get concerned.

I think that's great how you handled it.
we need more members like you to make this side clean and healthy for music lover
Yes, I wrote audiogon and also told them about Trazis, Nautillusnr1, Democco, Jnejja, and Alivealive. They all have very minimal feedback and it all relates to each other. I'm sure it's one person setting up feedback so he can scam. I bet that all of the above names are related to the ones that you have listed.

Thanks for starting this thread. This will hopefully help get rid of the scammers..
"Trazis, Nautillusnr1, Democco, Jnejja, and Alivealive" plus Nobini and Pinichio were all the same person. Good job guys! We must be vigilant against this type of stuff.

On a similar but different note. I won an auction a week ago. No reserve and I won with a fairly low price. Maybe 15% less than fair market. The seller wont reply to emails.

Before you say "give 'em ample time." He has answered a friend twice about another item he is selling. He just wont reply to mine. Should I let him off the hook? (he probably wanted more $) He has more positive feedback than I do BTW, but also one negative. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
You are scammer anti-virus.

I would not let them off the hook. If he/she would respond to your emails and ask if he/she could kill the deal because they were going to lose too much money, that would be a different story. Most people are very understanding but, to not respond to you when they are responding to other emails is unacceptable. If I were in your shoes I would leave negative feedback. Just my two cents.
Add blowspeak to the list...MC1201's for 2k.
I think we got one more today, I hope I'm wrong!
I had e-mailed Audiogon about B&W couple of days back.
I wonder How they got there feedback approved when it seemed so obvious to us.
Nice Job..just curious..I would guess that none of these guys ever posted what you would concider a real picture of any of the equipment..or did they?..Im sure they could find other pics to lift, but that would give them away even quicker if someone spotted their speakers in the ad that these bums post.
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i agree jab,keep up the good fight guys,this is agreat thread to snuff out these *&^%$# little boiler room.
Dave43, this sounds a lot like an Indonesian scammer off Audioweb who used to list mint Audio Note Ongaku($90k new) amps for $2,000. Oddly, he used an Orange County, CA zip code that is only 20 minutes from me.

Out of fun, I sent an email inquiring about the AN amps mentioning that I was just minutes away and would it be alright if I dropped by to check them out. His reply was that he had just moved to Indonesia since the he placed the ad, but not to worry he would pay shipping.

The guy also used to have ads for mint condition Linn LP-12 turntables with all upgrades for $1,000.
I saw that MC1201 for 2k, too. no feedback. stuck out like a sore thumb. I asked the dude about the amp's exact application (single monoblock) and guess what... no response. He probably doesn't even know what a monoblock is. I also told him I'd buy it if he would accept verifiable payment! LOL. I emailed audiogon and thankfully it's gone now. I wasn't sure if audiogon was getting my emails because they don't reply, but I guess they are :)
Wow, Krell 600 for $1500 posted today. How quickly can I wire transfer the funds??!! Seriously, we all need to snuff these scumbags out PERMANENTLY!!
Watch out...I spotted another one with a Krell FPB-600 amp for $1500. "0" feedback..with Pics!
Yup, they are back! But hey, look at it this way, they are paying six bucks to make asses of themselves.

Thanks Eldarado I appreciate that advice.

On topic: I havent heard a word back from the "seller" about a pair of B & W 800s for $5000.00. I told him I was in his area and would bring over the cash and pick them up. No reply.
Krell FPB-600 for $1500. Sounds like a good deal to me. $12,000 amp for $1500- I can hardly wait. I sure hope that Audiogon can do something-we don't need a Audioweb clone.
I think the easiest way to flush out the scammers is to state that you'll pick the item up in person and pay cash...what honest seller wouldn't rather sell his item face-to-face and get the cash? If they don't respond or give some bullsh*t answer, they're a thief. Let's make sure we're calling them out and maybe they'll get the hint and move back to Ebay!
I wish to interject.
On the flip side, you can have scam buyers. I have come across several prospects, which I suspect as scam buyers and I just ignored or pass on their offer to purchase. I had the same story line that was recently written about on the current issue of Stereophile.

These buyer(s) advised that they will send me a cashier cash/money order from a friend (3rd party) that happens to owe them money, albiet this may be true.

I had another buyer that wanted to come to my home and pick up, like cash and carry. But this member was new and had zero feedback. I am cognizant of inviting stranger to my home and putting myself/family at risk. Any of you been in a similar situation. If so, I wish to hear your experience.

Note: I have invited several gon members with a long standing history to my home for audition, etc. but I am leary of some complete stranger with no history popping up out of the blue.

Look,you guys are playing it all wrong. I was checking out a too-good deal on eBay -- no feedback but approved by SQUARE TRADE. Very terse emails back -- I was more than suspicious, so declined to bid, but had put out the word that I was very interested.

Surprise! -- his winning bidder refused to pay because he (the bidder) wanted to use PayPal which the seller had no use for. I asked where he lived to get the zip for shipping estimation costs, and he said San Diego (where I live)!

I played a little more with him, setting the whole thing up, but then revealing that I was local and could just pick it up. Since he was already locked in to certain extent, he played like that was fine for awhile, then did not answer further.

I got his address from the SQUARE TRADE folks after expressing my misgivings and went to check it out -- there was no apartment matching the number he gave, so SQUARE TRADE banned him after that. Somewhat satisfying, I must say.
Why does it seem like so many of these are targeting B&W wants? A couple of today's "interesting" ads:

"B&w NAUTilus like new10/10" $2999/obo 10/10 zero-feedback seller

"B&W 802 MATRix series iii black ash speakers" $1200/obo 10/10 zero-feedback seller

"B&w 800 Nautilus like new" $2900/obo 10/10 zero-feedback seller

Is it just me, or is there a pattern there? Of course it doesn't help 'em when there appears to be a slightly more legit listing for B&W 800's for $11K on the same day...

Hope I'm not accidentally dissing any legit member (although at least one is already no longer a registered member...), but it sure seems that the scamming is trying to prey on B&W lust (or greed) and that will just make it tougher for any truly legitimate B&W seller or buyer to make a good deal.
Krell FPB 600 for $1500 back up for my neck of the woods. Let's see if I can go pick it up :)
Nope...amp is now half way across the contryy suprise, suprise.. name is Democco. I just googled myself and found this post. Hope someone is not trying to be me. I'm the only "Democco" I have ever found proof of.
Had an interesting one for an item I had for sale on audiogon this month. This "buyer" asked me to send him a picture of the item for sale with me holding a sign with his name on it. He stated in his email that he wanted to be sure my my item for sale was not a fraud. He also stated that he was ready to buy as soon as I sent the picture. At first I thought , gee, what a good idea. But the more I thought about it, this person could use my pictures (with my face in it) to use as a scam. Never sent the picture and never heard from "ready to buy" again!
Edkoz, similar is often used in computer for sale forums, but I have never seen a picture with the seller in it! Simply a piece of cardboard, with your "handle" and date written on it, taken with the item is sufficient.
This guy wanted MY picture and HIS name !!!!!!!! Guess he wanted to be a reseller of sorts.