Buy? Used NAD 533 with RB250 and Goldring Elektra

There's a used NAD 533 with RB250 and Goldring Elektra available in my area for $295.

I've been looking at turntables quite a bit recently and if I'm understanding correctly this is a great combination for a good price. In fact, this PRECISE combination was used by a member here for a while (I've been reading/searching).

Is this a solid buy? Would I be better served by purchasing a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon brand new?
I'd spend the extra $100 for the Debut Carbon. IMHO, it's a better table, arm and cartridge. Plus it's new with a warranty.
I've owned them both, saving a hundred bucks for a table at least 20 years old makes no sense.Otherwise 12 of one, dozen of other. Also, the Electra is old too, so ten to one its stylus is also 20+ years old.
Brand new Pro-ject Debut Carbon witn 2M Red is a much better buy.
The 250 arm is nicer......I'd go with the nad.
I'd go with the NAD 533 as my well but not at the $295 price. For it's age and the points stated above I'd offer maybe $160 to $200 for that table. The Goldring Elektra has been replaced with the MusicHall Tracker and it is $100 new from NeedleDoctor. Also how much use has the NAD 533 seen? Would a tech need to check it out or would parts need to be replaced? If so then offer less or just get the ProJect Carbon.
The new player + warranty does sound like a good deal
I just don't really know enough about turntables to know which is better overall.

I've been mostly digital most of my life. This will be my first serious foray into the analogue world.
Yeah. This guy says $295 FIRM. I haven't contacted him, but the ad is still up. I'm expecting that he'll not be interested in coming down that far.

I should probably ask this in a separate thread, but I'll just throw it out there:

What do people think of the Pro-Ject RM 1.3?
I love the looks, but I can't find much info on it or much in the way of reviews.
I haven't heard that particular Pro Ject but I used to own an xpression that was great and my brother had a carbon that was pretty good. He ended up buying my xpression from me a year after.
I love the looks of the RM 1.3 too.
Plus, the cartridge that comes with it is best value there is,
however a dealer warned me off them saying they were prone to motor noise and belt slipping off .
I'm the guy who had the NAD 533 with the RB 250 and Goldring Elektra !
It was a fantastic combination which I enjoyed for many years. However, at this price point, I would now recommend a new Project Carbon - Ortofon 2M Red combination .... A new table/arm/cartridge with a full warranty at this price point is a much better value than a used set-up. The sound of music between the two is extremely similar, and although the RB 250 is a better arm, the headaches of buying a used set-up isn't worth the hundred dollar savings. And the new Ortofon 2M Red is definitely better than a used Elektra. Have fun and enjoy the music !