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Anyone on here ever purchase through this buying service?
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Never heard of it but if you're trying to find a deal on Japanese hi-fi gear, there's no such thing. The way to find a deal is to buy a demo unit or used. I bought a demo Accuphase which saved me an unbelievable amount of money. Buy from a reputible dealer or used and don't take the risk. 
I love Japanese made products. Cars, instruments, etc. Unfortunately, just like the US, Japan has outsourced a number of things to China, Indonesia, etc. Domestic Japanese items can be quite pricy. I have  fender Japan Stratocaster (with US pickups) that is flawless and plays beautifully. My next guitar will be the top line Yamaha Revstar (the Made in Japan model). The fit and finish is outstanding. I just wish I could afford new Japanese hi fi gear like Accuphase
Just keep in mind that audio gear purchased from Japan is considered to be Gray Market goods ....If you are willing to assume that risk, then there are no surprises latter on.
The product is the Triode Corp TRX-M845 which has garnered pretty good reviews. It's out of my range though.  It doesn’t appear to be China cheap and nothing I have read indicates Chinese production. However, often the origin is concealed. I’m having a tough time finding a PSET 845 or GM70 amp on the second hand market, but will probably wait it out. My McIntosh MC 60s are out for repair again and must say I miss my music!
I do see a Shindo Corton-Charlemagne Q push pull KT88 amp that might serve me well. As you can see, I'm on the hunt.
I haven't used that particular service but have purchased from Price Japan and also Ebay with Japanese sellers with a good rating.  I have had no issues with service and ended up with big savings long as you are okay taking the risk of not having a US warranty.  The Ebay seller did offer a 30 day return policy which I did not have to use.  Triode Corp does have it on their website that they will not warranty or offer repair service for products sold from unauthorized vendors.  In some cases, if your item does happen to have issues, you can most likely have a local tech shop repair it for you at your cost.  
I live in Japan and have bought a few things from hifido. Very reliable.

No, I do not have experience with Japan Buy.  Understand that anything meant for the use in the Japanese market will need an AC converter to work in the US.   Easy to accomplish, but a caveat to be aware of.

There is good value to be found through importing directly from Japan- lots of great equipment to be found.   HiFiDo is an old and reputable seller of used equipment.  I would have no problem buying from them, and in fact I monitor their site regularly because I am looking for a specific phono cartridge.

Triode equipment is designed in Japan, but made in China by the parent company of Line Magnetic.  I point this out as fact, not as criticism.  I own a TRV 845SE, and I am very happy with it.   I don't think Triode has a US distributer now, so I think they would be wiling to help in the event of a problem, but honoring a warranty may be problematic.

Have you considered a Cary 805c ?    300B driving an 845 for 50w of SET glory.   Seeing them on the market for about half the price of the TRX M845....
Acoustic Image in Studio City, Ca. is a Triode Corp. dealer, if that helps.
Elliot has been selling them for some years now so if service is needed, there shouldn't be a problem.

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Some interesting perspectives here. I had not really considered the Cary 805, and looking at them perhaps they would be a good fit. Whatever the amp, it has to be musical and have good bass. 

I have a Triode Corp TRV845se integrated and it is a wonderful amp. It is a very linear and punchy amp that has a terrific tube warmth. I have had it open and the build quality is nice and neat. Alps volume and some good caps and other components in key areas are present. The only thing I am not crazy about is the remote. The buttons stopped working and needed to be replaced.

treadman, I enjoy looking at Hi Fi Dos website everyday.