Buy new tubes, or use "stock tubes?"

I'm considering purchasing a YS Audio Experience A2-SE. I have read reviews of different pieces, as well as different users and some say to replace the stock Chinese tubes with US or even Russian tubes. Does anyone have any experience with this matter. One member told me he replaced with RCA tubes, but heard no difference. As I said, I have heard this not just with the YS equipment, and not just Chinese tubes, but understand different brand tubes on different equipment can really change your sound. What about it ladies & gentlemen? One more thing: I read a review of the A2 SE and the owner said he was going through a set of tubes every 6 months!! In reviewing other tubed equipment, I understand it's not uncommon for a set of tubes to last years. (??)
If YOU do not know about doing this, I would say you should stick with the stock tubes. Tube rolling is complicated. I NEVER wanted to really get into it. I found an Audio Research SP-10 and sold it primarily because of the 'tube' problem. I bought an AR SP-15 (it has only 3 phono section tubes, instead of the 15 tubes in the SP-10)
So, IMO stick with the stock tubes until you have a LOT more information.
I completely disagree with Elizabeth!

You should immediately go out and buy as many expensive NOS tubes as you can find. (And, at least one of each type, and better yet, two, as you'll instantly have a backup set for the ones that you like the best!) This will allow you endless fun listening to the same music, over and over and over again, comparing the different tubes! Nothing says "Confirmed Audiophile" like a guy with hundreds of spare tubes! Oh, and don't forget to buy a tube tester while you're at it! No TRUE Audiophile is without one!

Elizabeth, on the other hand, didn't want to buy any of the multitude of tubes I had for sale, (let alone the tube tester!), and instead, (foolishly I might add!), chose to spend her time listening, (and somehow, enjoying), her music, foregoing the pleasure of endlessly swapping out tubes, and exactly how each and every tube differs ever so slightly in its sonic attributes! (Silly girl!)

I have a Mcintosh MA2275, tube rolling made a huge wonderful improvement........ the stock tubes were horrible. I've bought from Upscale Audio and The Tube Depot with great results.
I agree with Elizabeth and Kurt (tongue-in-cheek) tank in that I would advise that you listen to any unit you buy for a long while with its stock tubes and enjoy it. If after that time you are dissatisfied with the sound you can consider tube-rolling, but save that for when you've decided what sort of sound you're looking for. And if the reports from the field are that tubes keep going bad every 6 months in a particular unit, perhaps you might want to consider a more reliable piece of equipment (it is not always the tubes' fault, necessarily).
Thanks for your response. AS I said-not familiar with tubes. Haven't had any since a stripped my folks old stereo 30 years ago. The A2SE has (2) 12AT7's and (1) 5687WB. I'm not familiar with either. Have heard of 12AX7's and they may interchange. Anyway, given what tube types this preamp has, know any better brand tubes for it?
12 AX7s are NOT equivalent to 12AT7s. They may "work" but they are not the same tube.
If you buy new stick with what they are shipped with while it is under the warranty. If anything does go wrong the first thing your dealer is going to ask is "What tubes you are using?". Also getting used to the stock Chinese tubes at first may just help you appreciate NOS tubes.

Have fun!
If you can find experienced users of your equipment that have established specific tubes that work well then by all means try them out.
Tube rolling is a lot fun...onced found the right will change the sound dramatically.

Btw,ask experienced users of the same gear as yours as what Maineiac advised.Good luck.