buy new Schiit DS or repair Wadia 27 DAC

  • sorry heading had a typo - I meant Schiit GS DAC (Garage Sale), Could not edit after posting...But this is my Question:
  • It appears my Wadia 27 needs repair by the only technician left after the Company closed shop. I remember a previous incident when I had to send this to Wadia and it cost me $2,000. I saw some reviews about Schiit products, though don’t know anything about the lower cost Schiit Yggdrasil GS.(Garage Sale). This model may cost the same as my Wadi repair. Wondering whether I buy this or get my Wadi repaired. What would you recommend? (Can you also please state of you know if this product)? (My transport is Wadia 270 and Preamp, Amp are Krell, and Speakers are Totem Manis)
Thank you
New. Not necessarily Schiit. Audition until you find what you like.
Try the GS for 15 days. It might do it.
Thank you. Can you please suggest some good DACs? I do not want to exceed $2k