BUY Bryston!!!!!

My 18yo Bryston  amp stopped  playing on the left channel , I sent it to the  Vermont repair center,with in 4 days I had it back repaired like new(no charge, they paid shipping back) Mean time I was rearranging my other components to make room for an extra T.T. I took the feet off my Bryston power supply to lower it when I reinstalled the feet I used a longer screw and screwed into the circuit board shorting out the power supply !!! I called Bryston and sent it to them ,they saw what happened when they opened the power supply,called me , and said that they were repairing the unit no charge even though I caused the problem myself !They said(Don't remove the feet any more) What great customer service !!!!!You can call them direct, they always pick up the phone and you talk to a tech  ! ONE Very good company!!   T.Y.
Add Quicksilver Audio to the list. I sent my phono preamp for a bad capacitor and it was fixed the same day it was received. There was no charge and it only cost me the shipping fee. BTW, I am not the original owner. Outstanding company!

I broke, one of the single ended RCA connectors on my 3BSST² amp. I sent it to Bryston, to see what they would say, not stating that I had broken it. Bryston called to state they would repair it at cost of parts only, no labor, again I broke it, and it was obvious that I did so. The technician never asked if I was the original owner (I am not, I am the second) and he would have absolutely covered any repair under warranty had it been a Bryston failure. Great company with fantastic components that I have enjoyed or over 30 years now.

I absolutely love my 3BSST² with BP-26 and Magnepan 3.7i speakers.   They are a wonderful combination that Mark and Eric at Audio Perfection in Minneapolis MN introduced me to many years ago.

I bought a used Bryston 3B-SST on the 'gon and it had a problem with it making a thump noise thru the speakers a few seconds after being turned off.  Called the US service number, went thru a bit of troubleshooting with the tech, and he told me it was probably a problem with the muting circuit and to send it in.  While they did not offer to pay my shipping cost, they did send the fixed amp back in a new box (the original was pretty beat up.)  Service like this makes buying used Bryston gear a no-brainer, though you do have to make sure you get the original bill of sale from the seller now.  My SST was old enough that this was not necessary.
Take back what I said... Brothers amp and he has the full email exchange saved, including where Paul does refer the amp to chief engineer who while buried in other work does offer to put somebody on it ! And to help figure out the circuit:-)

So an oldie but goodie 100 C will be headed Colorado way

for those who like the fine print of “ it not really being PS Audio” there is a company history on the PS audio website including where The name is bought back.....and certain talent stay on with the new company 

my most sincere apology 
Here is a positive statement on McIntosh's customer service. I bought a minimally used  5 year old MA-2275 but the tube cover could not be found. It was a good deal so bought anyways. Looked on line for months and could not find a replacement. Called McIntosh and while they didn't have any in stock, they agreed to make one for me. $20.00 total. Out of warranty. It was a perfect fit when arrived. I know this may not be a common occurrence with McIntosh but they treated me exceptionally well.