Buy Back Old or Move On?

I am putting together my retirement system; it has to outlast me (20 years) or at least my hearing. I have an opportunity to purchase back my old Coda CSiB amp which is coming up 10 years old now and recapped in 2019.

I'll be into it for about $3,000 or so by the time it arrives on my door. It will drive KEF R11s, have decent out-board DAC and some form of a steamer for digital music listening only.

Do I go back to it or move forward, any thoughts? If forward, what would you suggest?



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fuzztone - always the voice of reason. Thx

elliottbnewcombjr - Tubes have always intrigue me but being a Mr. fix-it maintenance, kinda guy, when it comes to music, I just want to sit and listen, not tinker & tube roll.

The Coda was originally V3 - 400 watts @ 8 ohms but I had Coda reconfigure the amp to V1 - 150 Watts @ 8 ohms to get those first 18 watts in class A.

snapsc - I was working on an approximate budget of $7,000 for integrated amp, DAC and a source (inexpensive streamer or a Roon Nucleus as a music server). The CSiB retails now for $6500 and is still highly regarded. If I got the amp it would leave me about $3000 for a good DAC. But, I'm open for suggestions... 


artemus_5 - I appreciate the advice, thank you. I see the VTA & Don Sachs are both just power amps, any recommendations on integrateds?

Trying to free up space a bit.


ditusa - thanks, does the Quicksilver on have 4 output tubes as artemus_5 suggests? Also, I thought one of the cool things about tube amps is watching the tubes. Looks like the QS's tube can't be seen from the listening position, unless you're standing up?

snapsc - My list of amps is really long and diverse. The Lyngdorf is on it.

knighttodd - Funny, I demoed the R11s with a PL (can't remember what model) against a Krell K-300i and the PL sounded better. Roon is cool if you don't mind putting out the cash. I ran a Nucleus as the MS to DAC via USB and it was awesome! 


lucky_doggg7 - Yup, that's it!


fiesta75 - Yam I was looking at the Sugden ANV-50 - 50 watts full class A, but not balanced.


b_limo -Thinkin' bout it!


wturkey - I have reached out to both the owner of the Coda and have a wanted ad on USAM, but no responses yet. Still open to plan B.
gosta - I was always a separates guy, so it was really tough to go with an integrated amp. I just don't think I can do an all-in-one just yet...maybe in 20 years?


gosta - I’m sure many here may disagree with you, but I don’t think I’m going the tube route, thanks

As alternative, this seems to be getting rave reviews and it would be cheaper than the Coda and brand new to boot. Although, I’m not sure if I’d get 20 years out of it? - $2,614 shipped to my door.

I’e also been hearing from others here that Hegels are great as well. An H390 is an integrated amp that has a DAC & streamer inclusive. I have seen open boxes for around $4,500.