Buy Back Old or Move On?

I am putting together my retirement system; it has to outlast me (20 years) or at least my hearing. I have an opportunity to purchase back my old Coda CSiB amp which is coming up 10 years old now and recapped in 2019.

I'll be into it for about $3,000 or so by the time it arrives on my door. It will drive KEF R11s, have decent out-board DAC and some form of a steamer for digital music listening only.

Do I go back to it or move forward, any thoughts? If forward, what would you suggest?



Your hearing could leave you tomorrow.

The Sound of Metal is real.

The only sugestion is git er done.

just to clarify, which version, i.e. how many watts/channel? how many class a watts?

if updated, no matter what version, it seems it’s a good price.

as KEF's go, those are pretty efficient at 90db

did you ever try tubes?

fuzztone - always the voice of reason. Thx

elliottbnewcombjr - Tubes have always intrigue me but being a Mr. fix-it maintenance, kinda guy, when it comes to music, I just want to sit and listen, not tinker & tube roll.

The Coda was originally V3 - 400 watts @ 8 ohms but I had Coda reconfigure the amp to V1 - 150 Watts @ 8 ohms to get those first 18 watts in class A.

One of the fun things about this hobby is trying something different...and there are many choices in your price range.  My vote is for move on.

snapsc - I was working on an approximate budget of $7,000 for integrated amp, DAC and a source (inexpensive streamer or a Roon Nucleus as a music server). The CSiB retails now for $6500 and is still highly regarded. If I got the amp it would leave me about $3000 for a good DAC. But, I'm open for suggestions... 
Tubes have always intrigue me but being a Mr. fix-it maintenance, kinda guy, when it comes to music, I just want to sit and listen, not tinker & tube roll.

I have no real ability to fix electronics either. But I have had tube amps for the past 15 yrs. They are no problems with them other than maybe biasing the tubes when you put them in. And some do the bias automatically. So tubes should not be any problem. One thing I would insist on is that the amp only has 4 output tubes. This will limit the cost of re-tubing. But my tubes usually last somewhere around 5 yrs anyway. You can get a 60wpc tube amp which uses 4 output tubes. I can heartily recommend Bob Latino VTA ST-120 amp. which is 60wpc. It will set you back about $1800. There are plenty others too, IE CJ or Don Sachs Kootenay and on and on. But my main point is that tubes have been little more trouble than SS to me, except for re-tubing


artemus_5 - I appreciate the advice, thank you. I see the VTA & Don Sachs are both just power amps, any recommendations on integrateds?

Trying to free up space a bit.

@high-amp, Said:

I see the VTA & Don Sachs are both just power amps, any recommendations on integrateds?

       YES. Quicksilver integrated amp.



ditusa - thanks, does the Quicksilver on have 4 output tubes as artemus_5 suggests? Also, I thought one of the cool things about tube amps is watching the tubes. Looks like the QS's tube can't be seen from the listening position, unless you're standing up?

@high-amp, Said:

does the Quicksilver on have 4 output tubes as artemus_5 suggests? 

       NO. Eight output tubes. I guess if leave the cover off you will see the tubes.



This would be an interesting option....I've heard the 2170 and it is a great sounding amplifier...and that is without turning the room perfect feature on...and like Coda, they hold their resale value.




If you're going to go tubes, i would suggest for the streamer an Cambridge Audio Cxn v2 then send it to Modwright and have him mod it with his tube mod for the dac and upgraded power supply. The Cxn is a great streamer and the stream magic app works perfectly. All in dac and streamer$2600.00. It also has balanced output. Sounds great in my system. 

It's also Roon ready if you want to add. Im still on the fence with the Roon. 

snapsc - My list of amps is really long and diverse. The Lyngdorf is on it.

knighttodd - Funny, I demoed the R11s with a PL (can't remember what model) against a Krell K-300i and the PL sounded better. Roon is cool if you don't mind putting out the cash. I ran a Nucleus as the MS to DAC via USB and it was awesome! 

OP, I was curious about your integrated.  For the peanut gallery and me, it's this: 

Your integrated received a fairly good review.  Here:

It seems like it is worth keeping based on the review; heck, the reviewer thinks your integrated is better in some ways than a Pass Labs XA30.8, which is saying a lot I think.  If you are here asking for opinions, you obviously have some curiosity about what better integrated is out there.  I think the only way you can find this out is if you read reviews through magazines, and go to a shop and listen to some goodies.  Lastly, congrats on your retirement Sir.

I would suggest a good SS class A. I'm going SS only when I downsize and move. Don't want to hassle with any repairs, tube replacement or having to take it anywhere for service. I still do my own repairs now but by then I'm going to have a hard time lifting anything that's 40 to 50 lbs. I'm just going to listen to the music with no fuss. By then I'll probably have a hard enough time doing the dishes.

That Coda is awesome.  Get it back!  The speakers are new to you, correct?  Dac will be as well.  This will be a new sound for you but I’d hang on to that Coda…


lucky_doggg7 - Yup, that's it!


fiesta75 - Yam I was looking at the Sugden ANV-50 - 50 watts full class A, but not balanced.


b_limo -Thinkin' bout it!


Primaluna tube amp.

Will outlast you and you'll love the tube glow at night.

Maybe factor in a couple of tube sets over 20 years.

gosta - I’m sure many here may disagree with you, but I don’t think I’m going the tube route, thanks

As alternative, this seems to be getting rave reviews and it would be cheaper than the Coda and brand new to boot. Although, I’m not sure if I’d get 20 years out of it? - $2,614 shipped to my door.

I’e also been hearing from others here that Hegels are great as well. An H390 is an integrated amp that has a DAC & streamer inclusive. I have seen open boxes for around $4,500.

Keep it simple. Purchase the Coda. If it’s aged badly, dump it for a small loss and move forward. Or purchase a tube pre with the Coda to run the preamp side of the Coda integrated to see if it’s all it’s billed to be. 

Why not have a look at the new NAD all-in-one amps (incl Dirac) like the M33.

There are other manufucturers too.

The future!



wturkey - I have reached out to both the owner of the Coda and have a wanted ad on USAM, but no responses yet. Still open to plan B.
gosta - I was always a separates guy, so it was really tough to go with an integrated amp. I just don't think I can do an all-in-one just yet...maybe in 20 years?


If I were in your shoes I would go back to the Coda for the following reasons:

1) Since this is your retirement system, it's probably time to get off of the "upgrade merry-go-round."

2) "Peace of mind;" you know and like how the Coda sounds.

3) The Coda is a great amp.

4) Coda amps rarely come up on the resale market (see # 3); plus, it sounds like you were the original owner of the CSiB. If that is the case, then that provides you with another layer of peace of mind.

Good luck in your search and enjoy your retirement!