Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?

Hi. There are bargains to be had on really high-end components that are more than a few years old. DACs change too much and we need the newer technology. How about speakers? I know it can depend on the specific model but in general is a 10 year old speaker system that was $40,000 in 2009 and now sells for $4,000 a better value than a new system that sells for $4,000 in 2019?  How much has speaker and crossover technology evolved in the past decade or so? (I posted a similar questions about amps in that forum). Thanks for all the input and wisdom.
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When buying older speakers, be sure and make sure that the surrounds on the drivers are made of rubberized material and not foam, as foam surrounds break down. Unless of course you are skilled at replacing surrounds on drivers?

Fortunately most modern speaker/driver manufacturers have adopted better, more durable materials.

Cabinet design and materials, crossover design and implementation as well as driver selection are large factors in how a loudspeaker voices.
"All electronics,speakers invest less then 25% of its cost including the case work ,or cabinet actually goes into the cost ,the rest overhead ,and markup..."- audioman51

I do know that there’s one place that’s not the case, it is however very rare.
I know a bespoke builder in Australia who uses 12AWG hand wound air core inductors, Duelund cast capacitors, Duelund or Path Audio resistors, ultra thin, high purity copper ribbon internal speaker wiring, no PCB whatsoever. Makes 4-6mm steel lined enclosures, the design tuned by ear and a stethascope over years.
And after the speaker is fully assembled, had a tuning bay on the back to fine tune the circuit which is measured and listened to, the drivers had already been broken in, before installation. By a craftsman who used to sight sniper rifles. Almost nobody knows him in USA, well except some people who are very lucky and some recording studious.

Yeah, he’s not a wealthy man.