Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?

Hi. There are bargains to be had on really high-end components that are more than a few years old. DACs change too much and we need the newer technology. How about speakers? I know it can depend on the specific model but in general is a 10 year old speaker system that was $40,000 in 2009 and now sells for $4,000 a better value than a new system that sells for $4,000 in 2019?  How much has speaker and crossover technology evolved in the past decade or so? (I posted a similar questions about amps in that forum). Thanks for all the input and wisdom.
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There are truly some good deals to be had in the used speaker market.
I still have a pair of PSB Stratus Gold i, that I picked up used several years ago for about $1,200.00. I used them for a few years in my 2 chan. system and since, are the mains in my AV system. I like them, hands down, better than any of PSB's current line.
I may be old fashioned, but still prefer some of the old, vintage, high end speakers, over most of the new. I have yet to hear any speaker at any price sound more like live music than the Apogee, Duetta Sigs. of the late 80s, but then again - I am a bit bias towards all the old ribbons and stats.....Jim