buy a better usb cable or a BT for system

I currently stream from laptop into my Brooklyn DAC with a usb cable. Do I buy a upgraded cable or get a BT connection like the Audio Engine or bluMe and stream Tidal from my phone of tablet?
Did you know the Brooklyn supports an external power supply? I'd invest in that before a new cable.

There is something terribly convenient about BT, but with Tidal now available via Google Chrome, with MQA, you may prefer to go that route.
I would not worry about usb cables, whatever some may say:
Bluetooth is not a very good connection. If you want to stream from your tablet/smartphone, why not get a Chromecast Audo and use its optical digital output? See here for details:
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Your quoting the same old single source that aligns with your beliefs is getting worn. Here is a new one to consider: