buy a better usb cable or a BT for system

I currently stream from laptop into my Brooklyn DAC with a usb cable. Do I buy a upgraded cable or get a BT connection like the Audio Engine or bluMe and stream Tidal from my phone of tablet?
Did you know the Brooklyn supports an external power supply? I'd invest in that before a new cable.

There is something terribly convenient about BT, but with Tidal now available via Google Chrome, with MQA, you may prefer to go that route.
I would not worry about usb cables, whatever some may say:
Bluetooth is not a very good connection. If you want to stream from your tablet/smartphone, why not get a Chromecast Audo and use its optical digital output? See here for details:
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@erik_squires I am highly considering it but not sure what companies to look at.
One of the popular outboard supplies is Astron. I went with an expensive model that let's me dial in the voltage, but there are cheaper one's.

I think technically the 13.8V models are the one's to get if you don't care about adjustable voltage, but I have not confirmed this with Mytek yet.
The 12 Amp Astron power supply is what you need for the Brooklyn DAC. You can find them used for $50-$60, or new for just $120. The Brooklyn runs fine on 13.8 Volts, or you can carefully adjust the Astron inside to knock it down to 12V if you like. No need to buy the variable voltage version. I tried 5 different audiophile power supplies on my Brooklyn DAC, that ranged in price from $300-$1,000, and I liked the Astron quite a bit better all around.