Butler TDB 2250 Amplifier Questions


I'm considering this amp and I read someone say that his Butler amp's sound remained the same, regardless of what components he changed in and out of his system chain. Basically, his system continued to sound like the Butler.

Has anyone else experienced this with Butler amps?

This person did say that Butler amps have a good sound, but that he wanted hear a difference when he changed components.

Thanks in advance.
I have to say that has not been my experience. I don't own the Butler, but I did spend several weeks with one recently and have to say that it was a wonderfully resolving amp. Of course, resolution, like any sonic characteristic, is system dependent and in the wrong system, I can imagine the Butler (or any amp) not being able to resolve such differences. But that certainly wasn't my experience.

Your best bet is to just try one in your system and see what you think. I think you'll find the time spent with it well invested.
I have the TBD 2250 to run my Gallo Ref3. I have noticed differences when changing PC and IC. I have however not changed any component yet. I am waiting for my Audiopax Model 5 to replace my Bel Canto Pre6. Will let you know how it sounds. Currently I like the tubelike sound of the Butler
which replaced my eVo6.

I own the Butler 2250 and I (and my wife) can easily discern differences in cables, power cords, power conditioners and recordings! It is quite a fine sounding amp. The only caveat I recall is that it requires a preamp (if you use one of course) with a fairly high output/voltage, since it requires 3v for its' full rated output. I use a JR Synergy IIi with very good results, although I occassionally get the urge to experiment with something else.
Thank you for the responses, guys! It's much appreciated!

As I stated in another thread, I'll be matching it up with my BAT VK-3ix pre amp and also just for curiosity's sake, I'll give it a go with my old BAT VK-3i Pre Amp.

Having spoken to the guys at BAT, they seem to feel it will be a very good match, at least in terms of output voltage and so forth. I'll see how they match musically ....sonically.