Butcher Block Acoustics

I wanted to give a sounding shout-out to Butcher Block Acoustics. I placed an order Saturday and expected to receive the turntable isolation platform in the next few weeks due to some of the lingering shortages. Nope. Same day shipped and pickup by USPS (on a Saturday!). Item arrived in two days as being in the same state and safe as can be. I can't believe I was looking to upgrade my cartridge and preamp before giving turntable isolation even the slightest of a shot. I figured my Solid Steel S3 rack had things handled... I was thoroughly wrong. Absolutely 100% wrong. Isolation is such a fantastic upgrade and the  3" Butcher block with simple rubber isolation feet have gotten me to where I need to be.  Thank you Butcher Block Acoustics crew!


+1 I own 5 of their platforms they just had a sale before AXPONA and I bought one then the next day they listed an additional 15 sizes and I bought 2 additional platforms they are very easy to talk to and will make custom sizes and still have them ready in less than 2 weeks.

I will only use their platforms and would recommend them to anyone looking for a butcher block platform, and their new style round tubular rubber feet are great and really work well at isolating vibrations.

No I do not work or get their products for free.

Heavier stone and marble blocks are even better and probably cheaper than Butcher.

My turntable rests on around 1000lb of marble spiked to the concrete slab in the ground.

Infinite mass loading, or the mass of the Earth at any rate.

Another satisfied BB customer here. I have a three shelf, double bay rack and an amp stand. High quality work and great customer service.