Butcher BLock Acoustics under turntable

Just purchased a VPI Prime Scout and am very happy with the sound.
I am looking for a platform to place underneath the table for isolation purposes.
I stumbled onto the site of Butcher Block Acoustics where they offer solid maple at 1 3/4 inches deep and
3 inches deep at custom lengths and widths. The pricing is extremely reasonable.
They claim their product is solid maple, which I have no reason to doubt.
Would solid maple by a good choice  for isolating my turntable from vibration?
The website is butcher block acoustics.com.
Thank you. 

maple has some good quality’s depends on what your trying to get out of your system.

I found maple a little too soft for my tastes I prefer higher mass like granite I find it more detailed then maple. either way, yeah works well. oh bamboo is very good alternative as well if not a bit more expensive to layer it.

Any competent wood worker can build you some shelves at any dimensions you need. If you go stone instead any stone counter top cutter in your city will be able to make it for you or a tombstone cutter may have some leftovers (that’s where I got mine).

I have a 3"x26"x20" granite block I use at 165lbs plenty of mass.

I’ve been thinking of trying a sandwich of stone and wood as a project with some green goo or similar in between, (used between acoustic isolation panels like 2 sheets of drywall to form a sound barrier between condo units for example).

note; I tried isolation via vibropods etc as well as pin points I would recommend you try isolation and direct coupling (pin points). different sound for both ways neither better then the other just different. You should listen to both to make a decision on what you like in your system.

for me I found coupling and mass to give the best sound in my system. I found isolation muddied up the sound a little to much but did add a quieter background. its a trade off either way that’s why I suggest trying both on the cheep and then make something-buy something nice.

Congratulations on the new table, the butcher block shelves are nice but found them to come up a bit short on performance by themselves. I own a VPI Prime with the SDS and peripheral ring clamp, started out with the Timbernations 24" X 18" X 3" maple shelf placed on top of my Arcci Lead Balloon turntabe stand minus the lead, the biggest improvement came when I added Symposiums Acoustics footer inserts the outcome was great which caused me to trust Symposium Acoustics again and purchased their 24" X 18" Symposium ISO  platform which is specifically designed for unsuspended turntables and this is where I am stopping, nothing more needed on the isolation front. I have just added a Single Motor Flywheel Assembly to my Prime and just took possession of a 2 8" X 20" Symposium ISO and a 28" X 20" X 3" maple platform to have enough room to support the new SMFA. Please check my current add in tweeks for the shelf and the Symposium ISO. 
I have used 4" maple under my ScoutMaster when I had it. I prefer a sandbox. I have one under my Teres now. Having done a lot of experiment with footers, etc, mostly under my cdp, I can tell you that the material makes a difference in the sound. I suspect it also does with a TT.  IE, I use roller blocks under my CDP. The harder the ball's material, the more high frequencies are pronounced. Conversely, softer material, IE wooden balls extend the lower frequencies. My wife was surprised when I showed her the difference between the materials used. I say all that to voice my concern for stone. One caveat to my concern however is the weight of 165 lbs will certainly remove unwanted vibrations. AND IF your system tends to lack the high frequency extension, then maybe stone is a reasonable material. Everything is system/room dependent. There is no one size fits all.

There is a pretty comprehensive thread discussing maple butcher block under a VPI table.  Very recent.  Might want to search for it.  
Thanks for the heads up on this site. I've used Dawn's Platforms in the past. This site has many more options at good pricing. They say (sugar maple) and list a hardness factor. I believe Dawn's is (rock maple)? Don't know how much a factor there is in these different species. 
Great lead bpoletti, thanks! Anybody ever try the walnut platforms? I could certainly use the large one on top of my current sand filled stand. That would work out well since I also have a 5' x 14" x 2" thick solid slab that I'm planning to use at some point in the future to place my table & preamp on. Just wondering how walnut compares to maple in regard to sound quality.