Busted! Reviewer copies manufacturers sales page in review?

Presented without comment. Large hi-res image here


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@stager Thanks for the link, I had never heard of your product before, definitely seems to be worth checking out. I use balanced cables from preamp to amp but not all my sources are so equipped. I’m thinking my processor (EQ) loop could benefit.

As to the thread topic, I haven’t been aware of outright plagiarism on the part of reviewers or manufacturers, but my eyes aren’t as sharp as the OP and others; I have often seen reviewers cite manufacturer’s literature or report on conversations with same when they are struggling to convey a novel design concept or innovative manufacturing practice. But then, I discriminate between reviews that are worth my time or not. I might likely not read reviews on posted websites of which I am not confident, of the website, that is. Reviewers themselves win me over by their approach to the topic, their honesty, and the elegance of their prose.  

Cars, boats, cigars,  wine....you name a magazine devoted to a product you get ad influenced opinions. But it is a starting point. 

I find most reviews overly warm and thick...and fairly lush...with a hint of velvet and, oh, wait....ah yes, a note of burberry. And with a risk of sounding busy, maybe a preponderance of bass, perhaps?