Busted Polk LSi9 worth keeping?

Last summer I purchased a set of new LSi9s. Loved the sound for a set of bookshelves. However the low load put the heat too high inside the right cabinet and actually overheated a portion of the crossover. The drivers are not damaged and still play in fact. But now I am considering whether or not to have skiing ninja build me up a set of crossovers to replace the cruddy Polk ones or just press on and let a local vintage shop give them a quick fix in exchange for in store credit on records. Immediately following the overheat, I replaced them with a set of HSU Research HB-1's and have been generally happy, but they miss a little in the 80-250hz range. The polk's dominated that range and I feel like just pressing on towards a nice set of M-Lores from Tekton. Any Advice?
M-Lores would be a nice move for you if you have the right amp. What do you have for amp and front end?

Check out:

I have no affiliation what so ever, but have known the owner for sometime.
Trey is his name and he mainly does Polk crossovers.
Great guy, exceptional work.
Polks respond very well to crossover mods.
Not my favorite speaker but doing the crossovers can take them to another level.
I redid some crossovers in some old crappy Polk RT10's I had, using the Sonic Cap Gen 1 caps, and could not believe the difference.
Oops, just double checked and it is www.Vr3Mods.com