Business In Portland, Oregon

I will be in Portland, Oregon on business the second week of March and who like to know the names of some hi-end stereo stores to visit. I am currently in the market for a turntable and who like to take this opportunity to see in-person some of the tables I have read about e.g. VPI Aries, Clearaudio, etc. Any recommendations on stores to visit?
There are several in the metro area: The Art of Audio, Corner Audio, StereoTypes, Audio Alternative, Audio Gallery. Look them up in the Yellow Pages when you get into town.
Also check with Echo Audio, they deal in used high end gear and usually have a great selection at very good prices.
All of the above mentioned dealers are very good (except for one) with varying manufacturers. The dealer I would avoid like the plague is Audio Gallery. The owner, Gary, is a complete jerk. He has a terrible reputation here and most serious audiophiles refuse to deal with him.