Burson Integrated amps

I presently own a Burson PI-100 integrated and find it to be the best sound I've gotten out of my system. It still continues to amaze me.
Having stated that, I'd like to hear from someone out there who has also heard the PI-160 and if they feel if it is an appreciable step up in performance. I know it is much better built and uses upgraded components but the schematic seems to be the same.
Right now, it is on sale for half price at partsconnexion.com and I'm itching to pull the trigger.
Thanks, in advance,
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I own one PP160.
It's a very good amp, well balanced, transparent, very open and fast but not lean or edgy.
I haven't heard a better amp at its price point but it should be associated with easy to drive speakers.

You've just described my PP-100! All the advantages of being very open with none of the drawbacks. I can only imagine betterment, a little more here, a little more there, that I would appreciate, beyond the cosmetics.
I auditioned it playing classical and some orchestra. The mids are natural, and is accurate. Its a nice piece of audio gear.
Did you ever get that PI-160? I was just looking over the new HA-160D and I'm thinking of getting it. It'd make a nice compliment to the PI-160 if I were to get it as well. Sounds like a great piece of gear. I'd really like to get something with XLRs on it, though. Maybe I could get it modified for that purpose?

No, I haven't as of yet. After installing some HiFi Tuning Fuses in my 'interim' integrated, the sound got so good that I decided to wait until all the funds are in place.

I'm still going to get it and if you decide to, check out partsconnexion.com as they get a good discount that they pass on to you.
I'll look into it. Thanks!