Burson Bang: anyone?

Anyone have this amp or know anything about it. Building a desktop system--PS Sprout, NAD 3020 are possibilities, but I'm intrigued by the Burson. Comments?
tune-ability via opamp changes... is a big factor.

This is not set and forget territory. This is about being twitchy and having fun with being twitchy. An eye opener for folks who have never done this sort of thing before. A big and important step in evolution, in my thinking.

Understanding audio and understanding musical qualities.... as tied to the innards of gear and changes in said innards... is a critical step in one’s audio evolution, IMO.

I have and own some of Bursons discrete op-amp replacement kits and they are fantastic sounding and build quality is top notch. I also found them vey good to deal with. my first order got lost in shipping and they sent me a second set with out question and they dealt with the shipping company for a refund. I would defiantly buy from them again. Sorry I have not heard anything else from them but wanted to pass on my good experience with the company.  

Went with the Sprout 100. It's very, very good, right out of the box. Definitely a bit brighter than the tube amp it replaced, but very clean, very clear, plenty of power (pushing Monitor Audio Bronze 2s). Nice wide soundstage. Tried phono, analog (driven by Schiit Modi Multibit), and optical (driven by Chromecast Audio). All sound really good. Was picking up some (probably) RF noise when it was set for the phono stage. On/off/bass knob is a bit quirky trying to get it to do what you want it to. Remote helps. 
This is my first class D amplifier and it's very listenable. 
Old post but I'll add some more from my experience with the Bang.

I picked up a used Bang v6 vivid opamp from a friend after I had to send my tube amp in for repair. Figured the little Bang would power my 98db speakers easily and make for a nice back up for these times. 

well I'm presently surprised at how nice this little amp is. Its so detailed and smooth on top its surprising. detail aplenty with this little amp. Midrange is well laid out with lots of detail and bass is clean and fast. if I had any complaint id say its a little too neutral over all, I suppose that's not really a fault. why I like tubes I suppose. Its quite a change going from tubes to this little amp its so clean and detailed sounding. maybe a little on the lean side on the lower end but that could be my source, Shiit Gumby Multibit. my table is being redone again so its out of the picture for a while.